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Beach Hair without the Beach

1 Mar

So I just learned how to get that wavy textured beach look without actually going to the beach, Sea Salt Spray. Getting Gorgeous featured a video about a retail Sea Salt spray but since they can be a little on the pricey side,  I decided to look for a recipe for a homespun version. According to Glamour magazine and a majority of You Tubers, a homemade sea salt solution works just as well and is practically free to make!  The only thing you might not have at home is the Sea Salt or Epsom salt, which you can get at most any store for a buck or two. Well, this morning, I hooked myself up with my own version of Sea Salt spray.

Check out the recipe:

spray bottle
8 fl. oz. of water (warm in microwave)
Sea salt or Epsom salt  Use 1 tsp for each 8 fl oz of water.
1/2 a tsp Coconut scented conditioner
A dab of hair gel

Mix all your ingredients together and pour into the spray bottle.

Spray and scrunch, spray and scrunch, spray and scrunch!!

Instant beach beauty!



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