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Vintage Wednesday

3 Apr

Vintage: originating from a previous era. I would like to originate from a previous era, except for the fact that I would be incredibly old right now. never mind.

Vintage Clothing Finds


Vintage hat from Mema Had One. Love this vintage store.

photo-26Pink vintage number from Goodwill $5.50

photo-27This dress looks to be handmade. Love the beadwork!

photo-32Off White dress from Goodwill, handmade by the same person who did the pink one $5.50

photo-31Beautiful beadwork

photo-2850’s dress made by R & K Originals from a church thrift $9.99

photo-29Beautiful details



High waisted Guess Swimsuit from TJMAX $24.99

Unique Vintage also has some fantastic vintage style high-waisted suits.

Vintage Food Find


 I used to eat these all the time as a kid and grabbed some up the other day. This weird candy is made from a European wildflower that is part of the mint family. Its a strange flavor to say the least. Coated in sugar,  it has a sweet taste and then a bitter one. It’s one of those love it or hate it things. I like it.

It’s good for a sore throat and is known to have some medicinal qualities, although it is said to be an appetite stimulant (watch out now)and apparently you shouldn’t eat it if your preggers.

If you ever wanna try something unique…have some Horehound. Its also very fun to say fast 10 times.

Random Food word of the day: Bechamel

Had this tasty little french gravy on my croque-monsieur sandwich the other day at Manuel’s bread cafe. Fancy.


Have a fantastical day!



To New Best Friends and Vintage Hats!

6 Jul

My New Best Friend

Every wasp and yellow jacket in South Carolina has come to the only watering hole within 10 miles…my swimming pool. When I say EVERY, I’m not exaggerating. Swatting these suckers has become an Olympic sport at our house. We have already broken one swatter and are working on our second.  My daughter has been stung twice already and they are just a complete drag.

We have tried just about every homemade bee trap on YouTube and this morning the bug man came and bombed my attic. Oh, Billy the Exterminator, where are you?

Oh, twell…you can’t control the country. Luckily we have moved to the most beautiful place in the world or else I might get bitchy.

On the fashion front, check out this awesome vintage hat my mom bought for me! I can’t wait to wear it out, thanks Mom!

Vintage Red Velvet Hat

Until next time piggies…

xoxofashionxoxbut not bees:)


Vintage Fashion: The Pillbox Hat

27 Apr

I have a fascination with vintage fashion and have always been in love with the idea of “ladies being ladies” with their hats, dresses and gloves.

This photo of Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime Make-up is just fabulous! Look how beautiful she is in her vintage pillbox flower hat!

As soon as I saw it, I began scouring ebay for a look-alike hat which unfortunately I did not find.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a unique assortment of other vintage hats to make you feel like a little lady! This could easily become my new obsession I’m afraid!

Vintage hats are a really cool and affordable way to make a unique fashion statement. Hooray for being a lady!



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