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Bandana Rama!

4 Apr

Bandanas… I am so lovin’ them right now!

I was in Wally World (Wal-mart) the other day, now I don’t generally like Wally World, I am a Target girl,  but I do happen to like Wally’s prices. So I am truckin’ along and I spot a whole shelf full of bandanas in all the colors of the rainbow and in lots of cute prints. At a buck a piece, I went for it! I am afraid that I now have a bandana addiction. They are just such a fun accessory that can be worn in so many different ways.  You can wear them on your head twelve ways to Tuesday, on your neck,  on your wrist, on your body and so forth. What I really like about them is that they don’t squeeze your brain like alot of headbands do, nobody likes a brain squeeze!

Did you know that you basically can rule the world with one of these chic pieces of cloth! Well, maybe not rule the world, but you can do alot of stuff. Here are some of the ways that I found to use them. What are some other ways that you would use a banadana?

  • A blind fold
  • To be a pirate
  • To be a bandit
  • If you don’t have a ball, you can tie a bandana up until it is a ball – this works in catching games, not so much for kicking games…
  • Hide a bad hair day
  • Get two bandanas, putt something comfy in the middle, sew it up, and ta-dah! Sit-upon! Actually, screw that, just sit on it
  • You can make potpourri satchels out of them
  • Little knapsacks / hiking stick bags
  • First aid – instant tourniquet
  • First aid – put between ice and skin
  • First aid – dip it in water and use as cool cloth for heat exhaustion
  • Hang it in a window to block the sun
  • Tent flap doesn’t have string? Tie it back with this!
  • Handkerchief / tissue … that is what they were made for you know
  • Cover your food to keep flies off
  • Wipe dust / dirt off the table
  • Tie it around stuff to keep it together
  • Connect two things that just couldn’t quite reach before
  • Wrap it around your hands to prevent rope burn
  • Use it to pick up small animals like frogs and toads and turtles so the oils from your skin don’t harm the animal
  • Place mats at a picnic
  • Three-legged races
  • Use it as a belt – you’ll need at least two
  • Wipe off a camera or mirror or even your glasses
  • First aid – use to apply pressure to bleeding
  • First aid – make a sling
  • Wrap gifts in them
  • Make a halter top
  • If you’re a hobo, you can store all your stuff in one (Mark, this one was for you)



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