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Get Cosmic With The Galaxy Trend!

12 Jul

I am such a space nerd, so I love the whole Galaxy trend!

OMGosh!!! I love this dress.  Man, I am definitely gonna have to head to the thrift store for a ‘ole prom dress, so I can attempt to make something similar.

What’s cool about the galaxy trend is that you can hook yourself up with a celestial chic piece of clothing in a jiffy.  All you need is some dark-colored clothing: tees, tights, dresses, whatever you got lying around. You need a spray bottle filled with bleach, some acrylic or fabric paint and a couple of various little paint brushes. (toothbrush, stipple, thin paintbrush, makeup sponges)

Even if you’re not an artistic genius, your good to go on this cosmic DIY,  so just go crazy and have fun!

{Get inspired by these}

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