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Vintage Wednesday

3 Apr

Vintage: originating from a previous era. I would like to originate from a previous era, except for the fact that I would be incredibly old right now. never mind.

Vintage Clothing Finds


Vintage hat from Mema Had One. Love this vintage store.

photo-26Pink vintage number from Goodwill $5.50

photo-27This dress looks to be handmade. Love the beadwork!

photo-32Off White dress from Goodwill, handmade by the same person who did the pink one $5.50

photo-31Beautiful beadwork

photo-2850’s dress made by R & K Originals from a church thrift $9.99

photo-29Beautiful details



High waisted Guess Swimsuit from TJMAX $24.99

Unique Vintage also has some fantastic vintage style high-waisted suits.

Vintage Food Find


 I used to eat these all the time as a kid and grabbed some up the other day. This weird candy is made from a European wildflower that is part of the mint family. Its a strange flavor to say the least. Coated in sugar,  it has a sweet taste and then a bitter one. It’s one of those love it or hate it things. I like it.

It’s good for a sore throat and is known to have some medicinal qualities, although it is said to be an appetite stimulant (watch out now)and apparently you shouldn’t eat it if your preggers.

If you ever wanna try something unique…have some Horehound. Its also very fun to say fast 10 times.

Random Food word of the day: Bechamel

Had this tasty little french gravy on my croque-monsieur sandwich the other day at Manuel’s bread cafe. Fancy.


Have a fantastical day!



What I’ve been doing today instead of what I was supposed to be doing!

29 Feb

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, been doing a lot of stuff today, but instead of doing those things (cleaning my house, garage, car, exercising, thinking of my next great business idea) I was doing these things instead:

#1 Chalking My Hair:

Pastel Chalk from Wally World (Walmart)

What my locks looked like after I chalked them:)

Messy, Cool and Fun, Easily washes out…there you have it!

You wanna try it?


2# Obtained A New Beauty Product:

This is the new BB Cream from Garnier. I just found out that these blemish balm creams are all the rage. They are supposed to give your skin that flawless Asian girl look. BB creams claim to provide a light foundation without clogging pores,  a moisturizer, a concealer, Anti-aging ingredients,  and SPF all in one little ‘ole container.

I slapped some on today and seems to work pretty good so far, comes in two shades, light and medium. I got the medium.  Goes on pretty well and I like the look of it on my skin.  In my opinion, it’s not much of a concealer though. It doesn’t feel greasy.  I think it’s a great light feeling makeup for runnin’ around town.  I think I may try some different brands in the future to see how they compare to this one. These are some other ones I wanna try eventually, Skin79, Missha M, and Dr. Jart.

#3 Thrifting-

Goodwill Fabulous Asymmetrical Sequin Top

This top speaks for itself. It pink, shiny and asymmetrical. How can you go wrong for three bucks and some change? I’m telling you ladies if you haven’t thrifted before, your missing out.

#4 Playing the Uke:

Love this thing, got it for my birthday and I am addicted to it. I take it in the car with me. My  daughter got one for her birthday too. We have started a fabulous band called… “The Two Ukes” (very original) don’t steal that:)

So, anyhoo,I did go to the grocery store to get something for dinner, so I was not completely slack.

Cleaning, working out, thinking, etc…in the wise words of Scarlett O’Hara  “I will think about that tomorrow”!



Thrift Store Inspirations!

31 Aug

It’s about that time to  head out to the thrift store again and here are some inspiration pieces that I will be looking for and hopefully some inspirations for your next trip!

Inspiration #1

Lalapalooza chick rocking her Grandma's asymmetrical polka dot skirt

Love, love this granny polka dot asymmetrical skirt! Gonna try to locate one of these and cut it to my liking.  Adore the blue belt with this, gotta keep an eye out for one of these:)

Inspiration #2

Patched Jeans hot off the 2011 Runways

Look  for some cool skinnies  to patch out, this look is hot off the runways for 2011.

Inspiration #3

D.A.R.E Tee

Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen was rocking out a D.A.R.E tee that she had cut up and I love this idea.  It’s nostalgic and I really am a “say no to drugs and violence” kinda of safety nerd. I have actually earned the name “safety Mom” from my husband and daughter! Whaaaaat…. I like being safe…..LOL.

Inspiration #4

Work Boots from Forever 21


Work boots are happening right now and these are new from forever 21, if I can’t thrift some cool work boots, I am gonna swoop up some of these for Fall!

You can find so many great vintage cool items at the thrift store and it won’t empty out your bank account like urban outfitters!  So get out there and start looking!!

(Piggy Tip:  if your having trouble putting something together, pick out (2) totally crazy looking items and wear them together, this is always easy, fun and fashionable)



Thrifty Thursday Week 2: Vintage Summer!

10 Mar

Thrifty Thursday Week 2-Vintage Summer

So this is Week two of Thrifty Thursday!

I love this look and what luck to run up on this cool vintage bird purse (birds are my thing). I swear we had a sofa made of this same material back in the day. Give me a shout out if you had that sofa too!  Fun Stuff:)

P.S. I just noticed that for some reason I am looking up in all my photos? Apparently, this is my goto model look;) If you want to see more photos of me looking up,  please SUBSCRIBE!

Forever 21 tube sweater        $4.00

Brown Mossimo Skirt             $3.00

Candies Brown vintage Mules  $7.00

Super FLY handmade vintage bird purse $5.00


Grand total 19.00 (applause)







Thrifty Thursdays

3 Mar

Look #1 "Sex in the Suburbs"

Yay for thrifty Thursdays! I am gonna be doing a series of Thursday posts, where I visit my local thrift store each week in search of a cool look for under 20! If you have never tried thrifting, your missing out!

Today’s thrifty Carrie Bradshaw look:

Calvin Klein flared skirt $5

NY and Co ruffle tee $3

Go Max camo pump $6

Green Fucci (fake Gucci) bag $3

Green bracelet $1

Grand Total: $18 (Applause!)





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