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2014: Interesting Already!

16 Feb

2014, we are two months in and you are interesting already~

I turned 40 and it feels just like 39…except for a couple of new gray hairs.


I got a mini pony, his name is Tater. Every morning, when he sees me coming out of the house, he gallops across the pasture to say “Hi” and also to find out if I have a carrot in my pocket. He is a noble steed.


I finally got a vintage sofa. It has pink and white stripes and carved roses. What else do I need to say.


I made candy glass for a Frozen birthday cake for my daughter without a candy thermometer and it turned out PERFECT and I didn’t burn off any skin with the 300 degree sugar. Will never be able to repeat that victory.

candy glass

I  also made a Rodarte celestial hair clip, now I can pretend to be a supermodel! You can buy an original for $600.00 or make one for $10.00. Your choice.


 Might I suggest the cheaper route, here’s what you need :photo-821

 Small and large stars, a hair clip or comb, gold wire, and some gold spray paint. There are some videos and tutorials out there, just Google DIY Rodarte Clip, but I kinda just winged it when I did mine.

Spray paint your stars , cut long pieces of wire, alternate wrapping the wire around large and small stars,attach to hair clip or comb in whatever way looks good to you. Easy peezy and super chic!

Got some awesome gold Art Craft cat eyeglasses from the 50s. Just need to have my prescrip put in them and I will be able to see T.V. again.


We just had a freakish ice storm, followed by days of power loss and then we had an earthquake. Which one of you slapped a curse on S.C. {fess up now and we’ll go easy on ya}. I almost burnt my house down trying to cook in my fireplace. I don’t like pioneering.

Besides my normal mama and wife duties, I’ve also been standing out in the freezing cold at Estate Sales treasure hunting for my Etsy shop. Fun Stuff. 

Things I’ve recently purchased:


Bacon tee from Old Navy, bracelet from Dillards, fancy shirt from one of those stores at the mall that you never bothered to know the name of ???? and some root concealer from Sephora, you did see that I turned 40, this stuff works, sister.

Latest food addiction:

Candied bacon, I think I had a dream about it. Good thing I have associated guilt with my bacon consumption or I’d be a real porker. {haha} Yes, I went there.

I have yet to start the healthy eating phase of 2014.

Its gonna be a good year.

How’s it going for you?



The Secret to Decorating for Christmas

11 Dec

I am certainly not the best, by any means at Christmas decor, I am more of a Halloween gal, but after many years, I finally figured out the secret of Christmas decorating.


 Start out by picking out some ribbon that suits your fancy, fill your cart up with it and then slap it on everything you own.

{Apparently, ribbon has some magical powers in the universe }

Coordinating ribbon can instantly transform your everyday items from BLAH to FA LA LA in a jiffy and make it seem like you really thought this thing out.

Here’s a quickie tour of my decorations for this year, I didn’t go all out this year, since I was sick and pretty busy, but it came together all the same. {ribbon} wink, wink.




Rock-n-Roll ribbon meets lumber jack

Entry Tree


Filled with roses and vintage ornaments

Dining RoomIMG_9486


Love these vintage silk thread ornaments, I got from an estate sale, I bet you probably had some of these on your tree growing up.

This is Bob. He’s so jolly, he doesn’t need ribbon.IMG_9488

Dining TableIMG_9489




Thrifted candle holders




Ribbon is from Hobby Lobby


Plaid Moose Christmas card holder from Dollar General




Big Lots plaid and fur tree skirt


Big Lots plaid and fur stockings



Stylish Piggy MascotIMG_9507


Mr. Christmas from Big Lots, voice activated musical light show for your tree. This is really fun!

Sun Room



Vintage brass deer and dollar store silver tree


Kitchen Chandelier

This light was a DIY project. I saw a beautiful wood beaded fixture online for 1,200.00 bucks, so I went to Hobby Lobby, bought some wood beads and wood finial, strung them on my Lowe’s fixture and this is how it turned out!



Here are some links from Tator Tots & Jello for some DIY Wood Bead Chandeliers.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.



I Desperately Need Hot Chocolate!

6 Nov

This is just pitiful. It’s not even Winter yet and I’m already freezing. I’m considering a move to Fiji.

 It’s once again time to pull out the “big guns” and by that I mean, HOT CHOCOLATE:)

Here’s some sweet and savory hot chocolate recipes that I scoped out, that I definitely wanna whip up this freezing ass cold season.

Whiteout Cocoa

SprinkleBakes Whiteout CocoaRecipe {courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes}

Hot Toffee Chocolate

toffeeRecipe {Courtesy of Babbble}

Maple Bacon Hot Chocolate


Recipe {Courtesty of Coolhaus}

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate


Recipe {Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess}

Cake Batter White Hot Chocolate


Recipe {Courtesy of The Smart Cookie Cook}

 You can get all fancy with the hot chocolates above or after five o’clock, just open up a pack of Swiss Miss, add some butterscotch schnapps and call it a day. If we stick together, we can all stay warm, my friends.


DID YOU KNOW: Hot chocolate may keep you for going nutty, so says Cosmo Magazine, must be true.

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And So It Begins….Halloween!

1 Oct

Halloween, my favorite time of the year is finally here…

Check out my yard haunt for 2013 “The Swine Sisters”

Also, here is some righteous and creepy things and Ideas for October!


Skeleton Cameo Ring

stay_creepy_tee_shirts-r20e2df04791243869e5141c6c8b1933d_8naxt_512Stay Creepy Tee, its $45 dollars online, so I am just gonna get my own little black tee and some white paint and rock this shirt in October!


I am heavily into Vintage this year since I started my Etsy shop, so I want to do something like this for my Halloween Costume. Vintage Dress, some kinda of disturbing bag mask. You get the picture~

IMG_2781 2Creepy Pizza Cookies!

If your child is having a Halloween party or some friends over, why not let them make creepy pizza cookies!

 For more fun Halloween costumes and decorating ideas, click here for the link to my Halloween post from last year.

Oh Halloween…i love u~

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Fun Friday! Learn A New Hair Style and Flip Some Flops!

5 Apr

Ready to have some fun today?

Try this fishtail braid hairdo from caitbarker, so cute!

Get crafty and ready for Spring with this DIY Gladiator flip flop tutorial from Michaels!


Cut plastic tops off of the flip flop. Discard.

Cut a 1″x2½’ T-shirt strip and pull on it to make a string.

Tie the two end strips together and push through the toe hole. Tie a knot that sits on the bottom of the shoe. Push up into the hole and reinforce with Weldbond® glue.

Take the long strings and push down the back holes. Tie a knot on the bottom of the shoe and push the remaining string to the top. Reinforce the knot in the hole with Weldbond® glue.

The remaining T-shirt string will be wrapped around the ankle in front, back and tied in front.

Use a small piece of T-shirt string to tie a bow on the top of the sandal close to the toe area.

Now your looking cute, have a good weekend!!!



Beanies and Why I Love Them!

11 Sep

Oh, how I love a beanie…

Beanies give you an instant fashion edge-

Slap a beanie on and you feel like you’re an urban genius. When I wear a beanie, say to the grocery store,   It’s like I have my “cool” disguise on.  No, it’s not ME, that middle-aged housewife woman, it’s that cool young hip chic that may bust out a poem at any moment, (double snaps). It also turns any outfit from homeless to hip. (no, I don’t live on the street, I’m just cool).

 They keep your head quite toasty-

I sleep in a beanie in the winter. You can be buck naked and have your beanie on and feel like a little biscuit in an oven.  It also works to keep your fro down, so you don’t look as though you’ve been attacked in your sleep.

They work as a boo boo blankie-

Now most of us don’t like to admit it, but we need a little comforting now and then.  When I’m feeling a little low,  I get instant relief  when I put on a beanie.  Beanies give my head just the little hug I need.  Awwww…head hugs are nifty and cozy. (also helps with headaches)

So many ways to wear them, so many cute styles. You gotta have at least one in the ‘ole closet.  Here are some of the beanies, I’m gonna rock this Fall.

Straight off the runway, this is a Jil Sander beanie with a veil, Hells yeah! Cost $400 but since I’m of sound mind,  I’m just gonna make one for $10.00 bucks. I bought a plain black beanie and ordered some french netting from Etsy. Click here to make one for yourself.

Rainbow brite beanie from Etsy

Gossip Girl Slouch Beanie Amazon

Cosmic beanie from Urban Outfitters

Floral Beanie Urban Outfitters

Ribbed Boyfriend beanie from ASOS

Trendy Stripe Beanie Amazon

Speaking of beanies, did you ever eat beanee weenee’s as a kid or eat them currently?  They are delightfully disgusting.



Guilt Free Cupcakes With Secret Ingredient….

30 Apr

We were having company in town this weekend and I didn’t want to starve them out on my Hunger Games Diet, so I went hunting for a low-calorie, low-fat dessert alternative and this is what I found, Diet Sprite Funfetti cupcakes.

This is an instance where the name truly says it all cause the only two ingredients in these little fellows are Funfetti cake mix and diet Sprite…ahhh..the secret ingredient.

You dump your  box of cake mix in a bowl and add about 10 ounces of diet Sprite, stir it up and bake it.

I was a bit hesitant about this deal until I tried it, but they are actually very good. They have a lightly chewy brownie consistency and didn’t have the dietey taste I expected from the Sprite. They also taste a little like cake batter, which I love.  I did sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top to mimic frosting.

Apparently, you can make any cupcake or brownie with this method using diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew…basically match the color of your cake batter with the soda.

Let’s break this down shall we:

Regular Funfetti Cupcake with frosting= 240 calories

Funfetti Cupcake no Frosting=150 calories

Diet Sprite Funfetti Cupcake no topping = 60 calories ( yep)

My cupcakes went over great, too bad though that I completely went food crazy this weekend with potato salad, french fries, BBQ and Pizza. There I’VE SAID IT and I’m blaming it all on my company. Thank goodness it’s Monday.

Have a sweet week:)



Hunger Games Diet Menu Week # 3

26 Apr

Hunger Games Menu for 4/30/2012



Low fat whole wheat Eggo waffle W/ half banana (eat it like a taco)


Tuna Melt

(1 ) slice reduced calorie bread, tuna salad,  sub Greek yogurt for mayo, slice FF Swiss and tomato

Apple slices


Shrimp Parmigiana Hero


Use Seapak popcorn shrimp

Handful baked chips

Bedtime Snack:

Weight Watcher ice cream



1 cup Special K w/FF milk


Tomato sandwich reduced calorie toast

Sweet gherkins or Pickle Spear

Apple slices


Mini Thanksgiving

1) small baked sweet potato W/mini marshmallows and Can’t believe it’s not butter, Green beans and Muffin tin sized stove top dressing

2 squares of graham cracker



Low fat whole wheat Eggo Waffle W/ half banana (eat it like a taco)


Egg white salad sub plain Greek yogurt for mayo with low fat crackers


1 graham cracker


Artichoke stuffed portabella




Bedtime Snack:

Weight Watchers ice cream



Special K w/FF milk


Pizza Wontons

Take small wonton wrapper,  wet 2 sides, spoonful pizza sauce, dash of parm, fold into a triangle, microwave 45 -60 seconds.

Handful apple slices


Muffin Tin Chicken Pot Pie


Sliced jicama



1 cup Special K / FF milk


100 calorie bar

Mini babybel


It’s Friday!!! We made it another week;)

Order whatever you want at your favorite restaurant, but eat half!

Bedtime Snack:

Weight Watchers ice cream

This Hunger Games thing is gettin’ to be a piece a cake now!  Let’s keep going, shall we? 



Please note: this diet is based upon 1200 calories, use at your own risk, the Piggy is not a registered dietitian and can not be held responsible for fallen tributes.

What I’ve been doing today instead of what I was supposed to be doing!

29 Feb

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, been doing a lot of stuff today, but instead of doing those things (cleaning my house, garage, car, exercising, thinking of my next great business idea) I was doing these things instead:

#1 Chalking My Hair:

Pastel Chalk from Wally World (Walmart)

What my locks looked like after I chalked them:)

Messy, Cool and Fun, Easily washes out…there you have it!

You wanna try it?


2# Obtained A New Beauty Product:

This is the new BB Cream from Garnier. I just found out that these blemish balm creams are all the rage. They are supposed to give your skin that flawless Asian girl look. BB creams claim to provide a light foundation without clogging pores,  a moisturizer, a concealer, Anti-aging ingredients,  and SPF all in one little ‘ole container.

I slapped some on today and seems to work pretty good so far, comes in two shades, light and medium. I got the medium.  Goes on pretty well and I like the look of it on my skin.  In my opinion, it’s not much of a concealer though. It doesn’t feel greasy.  I think it’s a great light feeling makeup for runnin’ around town.  I think I may try some different brands in the future to see how they compare to this one. These are some other ones I wanna try eventually, Skin79, Missha M, and Dr. Jart.

#3 Thrifting-

Goodwill Fabulous Asymmetrical Sequin Top

This top speaks for itself. It pink, shiny and asymmetrical. How can you go wrong for three bucks and some change? I’m telling you ladies if you haven’t thrifted before, your missing out.

#4 Playing the Uke:

Love this thing, got it for my birthday and I am addicted to it. I take it in the car with me. My  daughter got one for her birthday too. We have started a fabulous band called… “The Two Ukes” (very original) don’t steal that:)

So, anyhoo,I did go to the grocery store to get something for dinner, so I was not completely slack.

Cleaning, working out, thinking, etc…in the wise words of Scarlett O’Hara  “I will think about that tomorrow”!



Tour My Mini Recording Studio

13 Jan

So I got some sweet recording equipment for Christmas and I hooked myself up with a mini recording studio. Come with me on a little tour… equipment is so fun!

Folding Screen Entrance


Foam squares to soak up some sound

My Guitars:) Black Acoustic Ibanez, Pink Bullet Strat, Aqua Danelectro

MXL 990 Condenser Mic

My Set up: Fostex studio monitors, Presonus Audiobox soundcard, AKG K44 Headphones,Studio One Software

Whoa now…don’t get too excited,  it’s gonna take about 10 years for me to learn how to use this software and anyhoo..I’m not that good.  I like to refer to my singing and guitar playing as “Passably Pleasant” which is wayyyy better than “Unacceptably Sucky”, so I’ll just fake it till I make it..or not;)

You can check out my passably pleasant singing and guitar playin’ skillz here !



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