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Shabby Chic Living Room Makeover!

28 Feb

Do you want to transition your living room from Winter to Spring in a jiffy? Well, this is how I did it, Ya’ll!

Before my spiffy little transformation my whole living room was dark, dark brown leather sofas, dark rug, dark lampshades and dark accessories.

After a couple of days of online searches, shopping and re-doing, I have managed to transform my entire living room into a comfy, bright and beautiful shabby chic room which I just am in LOVE with!

My secret weapon, slip covers! If you can sew, you can make your own, if your like me and just wish you could sew, you go buy some covers at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

These covers didn’t have the romantic shabby chic little ruffles on them, so I bought some bed skirts and tucked them under the cushions of the furniture to give me the look I wanted.

What I love about this shabby look is that anything goes!  If your budget doesn’t allow for slip covers right now,  you can just get yourself some  white sheets and do a quick throw and tuck on your existing furniture and change out some pillows.

Got all the pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond as well, Damask Europeons, Damask White Bolsters, off white flowery pillows. These pillows were a little expensive, but they feel like butter and I wanted to splurge on them to make the room feel comfy.

Here are a few other changes I made:

Lamp Shade-Target, Decorative Planter and Vase-TJ Max

I changed out my existing lamp shade with this beautiful Target shade and added a shabby chic crystal vase with some roses.

Cafer Club Chair

This is my favorite part of the makeover, my linen Cafer Club Chair. I found this chair at Marshalls and originally wanted two of them,  but they only had one in the store.  I came home and looked online and the online price was double the price of the Marshall’s chair,  so try to grab this at your local Marshalls if ya can.

Minimal bookshelves

I paired down the amount of accessories that I had on my bookshelves and replaced a  few of them with some shabby chic items.

Marshalls Silver Bowl and Green plant balls

Crystal candle holder and garden finials

Flying Pig- TJ Max and garden Letter accessory-Hobby Lobby

And you know the Stylish Piggy’s gotta have a pig around, check out this flying pig I scored at TJ Max.

I still can’t believe that this is the same dark living room as before. It is shocking how color effects your mood. Now I walk in this room every morning and I just feel light, bright and happy!

 Get some other shabby inspiration here!



Feel Pretty Today: DIY Flower Halo

11 Mar

I have always been a flowers in your hair kinda gal. They just make ya feel so pretty, even on just a regular ‘ole day!

I love, love, love this simple and beautiful DIY flower halo provided by Honestly…WTF, just in time for spring!

You’ll need a large silk flowerfloral tape, 2 pieces of 16 or 18 gauge floral cloth wire, a piece of 4 x 4″ green felt, a glue gun, a pair of wire cutters and scissors.

You’ll start by cutting 2 circles from the piece of felt at approximately 2″ in diameter. Form the wires of your halo by molding and bending each piece into a half circle. Lay the two half circles opposite of each other to create a single circle, laying it over the top of your head to check the fit. Wrap floral tape over 2 sections of overlapping wire at 11 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Trim any overlapping pieces with the wire cutters. (Click images to enlarge)

Using the wire cutters, cut the stem off the flower making sure the back is flat. Glue one of the felt circles to the back of the flower. Lay the 3 o’clock section of the halo on the backside of the flower. Sandwich the halo between the flower and the second felt circle with plenty of glue. As your pressing the two felt circles together, pull the halo up on its side, making it stand perpendicular to the back of the flower. Insert glue into any openings, making sure the two felt circles are sealed together.

The possibilities are endless with this as you can wrap flowers around half or the entire perimeter of the halo, reinforcing with glue. Or if wearing a halo just isn’t your thing, make a hair pin or brooch by gluing a large bobby pin or a pin back to the back of the first felt cutout.

Your flower halo is ready to wear!

Update: Here’s my version of this halo:



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