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Simple, Salty and Southern (crackers and milk)

7 Feb

Now if you didn’t know, I’m a true Southern Girl,  born and bred in the great state of South Carolina. For those of you are aren’t from the South, this lovely concoction pictured above is saltine crackers and milk.  This is a take on the southern staple, cornbread and milk. Now don’t turn your nose up till you try it. It is super delicious!

Crackers and Milk

Step 1: Get yourself some fat-free saltines

Step 2: Get yourself a cup, jar, or trough

Step 3: Place crackers in your cup and crush

with your spoon

Step 4: pour milk over the crushed crackers

Step 5:  add a dash of salt and pepper, if you like…

Step 6: enjoy

Simple, Salty, and Southern



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