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S’mores and Swimsuits

21 Mar

Waking up to s’mores sounds pretty good to me! Yay, for Breakfast on the go s’mores,  which I found yesterday at the store.

These things are darn delicious! They are a little higher in calories than I would normally like for breakfast weighing in at 200 calories and 10 grams of fat for the pack,  but on the plus side these things are super filling.

Sweet and easy…how can you go wrong!

Also, I just found the answer to my swimsuit prayers. The “monokini” covers me up in just the right places. I hate my front, but love my back and this suit I got from Forever 21 is the bomb!!!

The only dilemma here is that I may not be able to wear this suit if I eat too many of these tasty s’mores:)

Oh well…C’est La Vie!



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