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What In The World Have I Been Doing?

14 Nov

Well, I will tell ya…

I have been extremely busy scoping out treasures for my Etsy shop lately, drove an hour and a half yesterday towards Atlanta for a huge estate sale, came back with some excellent stuff!



I really haven’t been eating anything too tasty recently. I did however try some moonshine {only in the South} at a restaurant, which was weird, but enjoyable and…NO…I did not get drunk-fied and no I will not be constructing a homemade still on my property anytime soon, but I’d certainly drink it again if it becomes available.

I ran/walked my first Run or Dye 5K and didn’t “dye”! Thas good.


I scored a Carol Bennett Liberty House Dress at the Goodwill…


I got some cute jewelry at Rue 21 for 2 bucks a piece.

photo-710 photo-712

And last but not least, I have been wearing this hat on my head every night while I sleep! What…its warm. My husband says I look like the guy from Fat Albert that says Obee Kaybee or a jelly fish. In fact, I am wearing this hat as we speak.photo-707

So that about sums it up. Hope you have been having as much fun as I am lately. If not, start now.



Splendid Looki-like for Less!

19 Aug

Tie-Dyed Maxi Dress from Splendid

Tie-dyed Maxi from Splendid

A while back Vera Sweeney from Lady and the Blog had a post about Splendid and their awesome tie-dyed maxi skirts. Well I went to the Neiman Marcus website and these things were like $98.00-$148.00 bucks. Needless to say I moved right on even though I REALLY wanted one of them!

So yesterday I was at Rue 21 and spotted this great Splendid looki-like skirt on the sale rack $7.00. WoW!

Splendid looki -like from Rue 21

This skirt has that same super softy material just like the maxi from Splendid and has a very similar tie-dyed look. I am so excited!

I love a looki-like for less! (say that three time fast)

Happy Friday:)



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