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A New Friend Named Epsom Salt

16 May


Two days ago, I fell down the stairs.

The next morning I was basically completely crippled, as I believe I injured just about every muscle in my entire body.

For those of you who don’t know me. I move fast. In fact, I hear people say that all the time.

As a result of my speediness, I get hurt ALOT, I am the only person in the world who can drop their dinner fork off their plate and get it embedded an inch deep into the top of my foot. True story.

So the fact that I almost get a leg chopped off or some type of cut on a daily basis has made me develop a pretty high pain tolerance, but this stair deal was really causing me some discomfort.

While rehashing the gory details of my epic fall to my wise Mother in Law, she suggested Epsom Salts. Well, zipp-pa-dee-doo-da, I just happen to have some of that.

I emptied the entire contents of the salt package in the tub and slinked in. I soaked until I could soak no more.

To my surprise, I got up out of the tub, without one shriek of pain. It’s a miracle…a miracle that lasted about an hour. The salts eventually wore off and I got stiff again.

According to the internet, the salt works by releasing magnesium, which is absorbed through your skin and acts as a pain reliever and reduces inflammation, very scientific stuff here, folks.

Today, I went out and invested in a butt load of epsom salt and I am pretty excited about it.

Anyway, in case you fall down the stairs any time soon or throw your back out moving a sofa for a friend, whatever, I just wanted you to know about the salts.

Epsom salts…yeah, we hang out.




Lost and Found Smells… Le Couvent Des Minimes Honey and Shea!

1 May

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about a hand soap that I had a serious obsession with, San Diego Soap Companies, Honey and Blackberry soap.


I kept a big stash of it in my house at all times, until “D-day” arrived. Discontinued!! Are you freaking kidding me!

I swear I have been combing Ebay on a daily basis since that time to try and find ANY and ALL remaining bottles of this stuff left on the planet earth. I have yet to find any, by the way.

I thought all hope was lost and I would frequently go around smelling every product that had the word “Honey” in it, hoping to catch even a glimpse of anything that smelled remotely close to my beloved soap.

Let me tell, my perseverance finally paid off my friends…

Allow me to introduce you to Le Couvent Des Minimes Nourishing Hand Cream Honey & Shea

This French hand cream is almost an EXACT smell match for my soap.


300Its hard to describe smells but it has a “very distinct” slightly sweet but not overpowering smell of real honey. Its not super greasy and makes your hands feel super smoothified. The only thing I don’t like about this cream is that I look like a weirdo when I wear it, cause I keep sniffing my hands. Oh well, why be normal.

For those of you who had been asking me if I knew where to get the Honey and Blackberry soap, try this and see if it jogs the ‘ole memory.  You can buy it at Ulta and online. Its a little on the pricey side for a small tube,  but your nose will thank you.

Honey= Happy




Two Cents Tuesday: Michael Kors Handbags

14 Jan

It was all over, I sat on the floor surrounded by a sea of open boxes and a blanket of torn wrapping paper, admiring my Christmas stash, when my husband suddenly appears around the corner holding a very large gold box, “we forgot one”, he said.

Say what! Get out of town….. the Michael Kors name could plainly be seen, wow-wasn’t expecting that. We just recently got a Michael Kors store at our mall and it was quite the talk of the town.


I open up the box which contained a felt bag with a very large brown Hamilton bag in it. Impressive and beautiful.


I am usually not the kind of girl who buys expensive bags, they are a “nice to have, but don’t need” in my book.

After the sticker shock wears off, I get super jazzed about my new bag.

A couple of days after Christmas, I load up the bag and we were off to mall.

The first thing I noticed about the bag was that after the paper was taken out, it was not keeping its nice shape and was dipping down in the middle. Hmmmm…is that supposed to happen?

While at the mall, I was using the shoulder strap, when you use the shoulder strap, the hand straps kinda fold down to the sides which resulted in it constantly poking me in my rib bone. Owee.

Gosh, I am not usually this picky about stuff, but I think when something is pricey, you tend to expect more out of it.

We walked around the mall for about an hour and I finally had to just stop and take this stinkin’ lead weight off my shoulder. I think there might have been an indention. Good lord, this bag is heavy!

Does this thing come with a warning?? I must have missed the fine print.

{ warning: carrying this bag may result in shoulder injury, rib breakage and general discomfort }

Who is this Michael Kors guy anyway, I googled him. He looks nice enough, but he did try to assault me with his purse. Ole Mikee might need to consider throwing in a coupon for free Orthopedic services with purchase from now on out.

I really wanted to love this purse, but sadly with it’s price tag, I just didn’t. The bag is now living back in the Micheals Kors store and waiting for its next victim. Beware~

Hey, it’s just my two cents.



Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume…Well, What Is It?

14 May

JUL015I got this lovely and  sassy little Euro fragrance for Mother’s day. It is Juliette Has a Gun’s, Not a Perfume. It is a European product but you can pick it up on Amazon for about $85 bucks.

It’s technically “not” a perfume as it only uses one single synthetic molecule and some alcohol to provide its fragrance.

This molecule is Ambroxan, created in a lab in the 1950’s to replace naturally occuring Ambergris.

 What the heck is Ambergris?

Ambergris is an interesting substance. Sometimes referred to as “Floating Gold”, this rare stuff  was sought out by early perfumers who were lucky enough to be able to afford it. Ambergris is tarry secretion that is produced in the digestive tract of the sperm whale. After a sperm whale dies the secretions continue to float along aimlessly until they eventually reach the shore.

 I just wonder who that first guy was to discover one of these little balls of tar, when casually strolling along the shore. I can hear him now.” Gee, here is some black tarry stuff, wonder if I could sell this to people who wanna smell like whale turds. Kudos to this chap for his entreprenurial spirit!

 Luckily, today we have scientists who came up with a more sanitary version of  Ambergris and so Ambroxan was born.

What exactly does Ambroxan smell like? Well, when I first spray it on, it’s sharp and smells strong of rubbing alcohol. Ten minutes later something beautiful starts to happen. The smell evolves into a very distinct SEXY, musky, ambery, woodsy, sophisticated fragrance that is just


 In short, It smells like a high end retail shop and I likes it.

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4Rivers Smokehouse: Winter Garden

13 Apr

4Rivers Smokehouse is a brand new restaurant that opened last week in Winter Garden FL that we had heard rave reviews about. This is a 2-chain restaurant owned by a Floridian turned Texan, John Rivers, he stepped out of 20 years in corporate America to pursue his dream of opening a traditional Texas smokehouse in Florida as a platform to introduce his 18-hour, slow-smoked Angus brisket in what was otherwise considered a pork dominated market.

When pulling up to the restaurant the first thing we noticed was that the line literally was wrapped around the outside of the building.  One the causes of this long line is that they have cafeteria style ordering where you order each item as you go down the line. Well, even though the line was long,  it didn’t take more than 20 to 25 minutes until we were seated and ready to chow down!

I ordered the brisket sandwich with fried okra and french fries and cornbread. I had a hard time deciding which sides to get as everything looked delicious. My husband got fried pickles and macaroni and cheese which I also sampled.  This is a restaurant that I would definitely come to again. The brisket was amazing and all the sides were tasty.

The restaurant had a good feel to it with its selection of nostalgic sodas and it’s copper sinks to wash your grubby hands in after pigging out (pun intended)! You’ll certainly leave with a major sugar high from their awesome dessert counter. We got a red velvet cup cake and a carrot cake cupcake. The red velvet was groovy while the carrot cake was something that I wouldn’t walk a mile for, but still good.

Overall this restaurants friendly staff mixed with good BBQ is a place that you can probably count on to be consistently good and reasonably priced!

Secret tip: if your short on time, call in your order on the way over and then pick it up at the to go window and have a seat at any of the picnic tables to enjoy there.

Thumbs up to 4rivers and it’s Angus! (don’t enjoy saying that word, maybe I’ll call it Frangus)



Wish for Round Fish

5 Feb

Well, I finally got my wish for fish. Popcorn Fish, that is.

I saw this new product by SeaPak on Lady and the blog a few months ago. At the time, it wasn’t out in stores and Seapak was just letting some bloggers try them out.  Well,  I couldn’t wait to get my piggy paws on these lovely little lower calorie delicious round fish nuggets.

I began stalking the frozen food section at a variety of grocery stores for what seemed like an eternity. Until yesterday. There they were, buy one get one free! I looked around as if I were on some kind of secret mission, then  grabbed up my fish balls and headed for the checkout.

Well, these little nuggets cooked up golden brown and non- greasy in the oven. They didn’t have the strong aroma of your average fish stick, which was a good sign. Anticipating the first bite, I was hoping for a light, flaky, fluffy white fish fiesta, as pictured on the front of the bag…and then reality hit.  “Well, heck”, I exclaimed!  This ain’t nothing but your run of the mill rectangle fish stick shaped into a ball. Dang…I think my expectations were a little on the high side for this newly shaped creature of the sea, but since I’m fully stocked, I intend to give these suckers another go.

Update: just popped a couple of these little fish balls in my mouth straight from the fridge, yum! This is the way to go. Throw a couple of drops of malt vinegar on them and go to town.

Roundish fish are definitely better than rectangular fish!



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