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I Want My Monkey, Cracker Jack!

5 Jun

photo-57So in the grocery store this week,  I came upon an end cap full of Cracker Jacks.  OoooH, there’s a prize inside! It says it right there on the box, it’s highlighted in fact inside a red and yellow star. “Well, I got to get some of those vintagy good foodie treats, I say to myself”! I picked up a three pack and went on my merry way.

Today, when my appetite was poking at me,  I head  on over to the pantry for a snack and there they are, Cracker Jacks, just screaming to be eaten and oh, there is a prize inside. Zipideedooda!

Well this prize can’t be too good, it’s flat.  Why look,  it’s a Louisville Slugger sticker and they want me to visit their website so I can enter my name in a drawing. Lucky me, an advertisement cleverly disguised as a prize.


They also say that I can go to crackerjack app.com and download some games. Well, that’s all fine and good, but I didn’t sign up for a digital prize, I signed up for a little nostalgic Cracker Jacks and a two-cent chatchkee.  How bout a plastic monkey, a whistle or even a good joke. I’ll take any of those. C’mon Man!

Well, I also opened a second box of Jacks to see if my monkey was in there and of course he wasn’t. It was that same sticker/advertisement. Who can guess what the prize is in the third box?

I am however very happy to report that the caramel coated popcorn and peanuts were in fact delicious. Cracker Jack is owned by Frito Lay and I know they have more money than Oprah, so just throw in the monkey next time! Thank you and good day.

Have you been on a recent food rant? Let me know!

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