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Tour My Mini Recording Studio

13 Jan

So I got some sweet recording equipment for Christmas and I hooked myself up with a mini recording studio. Come with me on a little tour… equipment is so fun!

Folding Screen Entrance


Foam squares to soak up some sound

My Guitars:) Black Acoustic Ibanez, Pink Bullet Strat, Aqua Danelectro

MXL 990 Condenser Mic

My Set up: Fostex studio monitors, Presonus Audiobox soundcard, AKG K44 Headphones,Studio One Software

Whoa now…don’t get too excited,  it’s gonna take about 10 years for me to learn how to use this software and anyhoo..I’m not that good.  I like to refer to my singing and guitar playing as “Passably Pleasant” which is wayyyy better than “Unacceptably Sucky”, so I’ll just fake it till I make it..or not;)

You can check out my passably pleasant singing and guitar playin’ skillz here !



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