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Industrial Chic Lighting, On The Cheap!

26 Feb

Six months ago, I purchased the Allen + Roth light fixtures below from Lowes for my island area.

Not such a groovy idea.

I tell you, there ain’t enough windex in the universe to keep these lights, {consisting mostly of just a big ass clear glass globe}, dust free. There should have been a disclaimer on the box, “lights will only remain clear for 2.5 seconds or until dust settles”.

Why no, my light globes aren’t frosted, that’s 10,000 particles of dust clinging to them. Now we can draw pictures in the dust with our fingers. That’s super attractive.


After replacing the perfectly good lights that I had with the dust bowls, my husband declared that I was stuck with them.

Dang, now I’m gonna have to wait until the next major present receiving Holiday to even suggest new lighting and even then, I have to play my cards just right.

Well, some time has passed and I had been eyeballing these industrial orb lights that I originally saw in the Ballard Designs catalog and also on Etsy.




So I’m at TJMaxx the other day, browsing for things I didn’t need when I spotted 2 mid-sized metal orbs that you are supposed to use as table decor. Hello new light orbs. I scooped them up for the delightful price of $20.00.


Left side the dust bowl                                            Right side cool metal orb

All I had to do was take off the existing globe and wire the metal orb to the existing base.


 Cool new lights and no more dust bunnies. Yay. I’m happy now.

 I also had been wanting to do a Ghost Lamp shade since I first saw them.  A ghost shade is a vintage lamp shade without the fabric.




I picked up two vintage shades at the antique mall for 12 bucks. They were already shabby chic’ed for me, but you can pick up any shade at the thrift, a yard sale or estate sale and just take the fabric off and Tada…ghost shade! Sounds spooky, I like it.


This is how they look in my room. Gives a cool little industrial vibe to this girly sitting area.


If you can think it, you can do it on the cheap. Well, sometimes…LOL

Happy Wednesday~



Room Makeover, Vintage Score and A Sweet Summer Surprise

24 Jun

White Minimalist Beauty {Room re-do}

My daughter had been wanting a white room for some time, so this is what I came up with for her!



I took the top off her old desk,  distressed the legs and up cycled an old wood palate that I had in the garage to make a new shabby chic top.



Clothes Line for Artphoto-65


Ravelo hanging chair from Amazon and Ikea Wall Mirror that I white washed and  then added lights


Shag rug is actually (6) smaller rugs from Walmart that I just placed together, that way if something gets spilled on them, they can easily just be tossed in the wash individually!


She loves to make movies, so this vintage movie screen that I thrifted was just the thing to complete the look.

This room is now a peaceful little white sanctuary. I may have to move in. {if she will let me}

{Vintage Score}


Check out the vintage bombshell  high-waisted suit I scored at the Goodwill. So stinkin’ Fabulous!

{Foraged Wild Blackberries}

photo-77As we were taking our golf cart for a little stroll this weekend, we came upon a sea of wild blackberry bushes. OMG, free organic food  is so rad!

What a sweet  summer surprise:)

{News Flash}

My Etsy shop is now open, all kinds of vintage goodies to be had…check it out!  




How I Decorated Our New Sailboat!

7 Aug

My husband has always fashioned himself to be a boatin’, sea lovin’, nautical type, even though we never actually ever owned a boat before, however we have walked down countless marina docks over the years under the pretense that we were boat owners (does that count?).  About a month ago,  I found the little beauty above for a major steal,  so I snapped it up for him in honor of our 17th wedding anniversary!

She’s  a cool little vintage ’75  Oday sailboat and she’s still got plenty of life in her! All she needed was a little spit and polish to cozy her up a bit. So here’s what I did….


Vintage Sailor and Siren, Octopus,  turquoise, red stripe, blue, green

Carpe diem pillows clearance section Hobby Lobby-$6
Random pillows from clearance section Hobby Lobby-$6
Fabric-Hobby Lobby
Turquoise mirror Hobby Lobby -$19.99

I found an octopus image online and printed it off on transfer paper. I heat pressed it on the red striped fabric.

Who doesn’t love cold beer?

Got this great turquoise softy guy blanket for $14.99 from Tuesday Morning for those cold fall sails!

Nautical looking basket that I got at Tuesday Morning for 7 bucks and the (H) from Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks. Hot glued it on, instant cell phone, keys, misc basket for the counter.

Mermaid hook from Hobby Lobby

Myself and the hubs on our maiden voyage!

We don’t yet have a name for the ‘ole gal yet, any suggestions?



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