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Louis Vuitton Checkerboard: Get the Look For Less!

7 Jun

 It was as all about the checkerboard pattern at Louis Vuitton’s latest show for Spring/Summer 2013.


So yesterday when I was browsing the dresses at the ‘ole thrift store, I came upon this fabulous dress! Look at that checkerboard my little  trendy chickens. Its as if Louis himself made this number. {of course, he didn’t}


 Super bright color pops, vibrant flowers, goddess motif and of course the Louis Vuitton inspired checkerboard  pattern on the sides.

 You may be thinking, my gosh there is a lot going on with this sucker. Well,  you’re right, but that’s exactly what I like about it. It’s trendy with a little unique flair thrown in for fun. Don’t be scared of the flair, girl!

The best part was of course the price $3.50.


Sometimes finding interesting items at the thrift can be a little overwhelming.

{Here’s a tip}

When looking through the packed in racks, first take a quick scan for interesting shapes, textures or patterns to see if anything catches your eye, it’s a huge time saver.

Good Luck on your quest for checkerboard, thank goodness, it’s an easy spot.



Splendid Looki-like for Less!

19 Aug

Tie-Dyed Maxi Dress from Splendid

Tie-dyed Maxi from Splendid

A while back Vera Sweeney from Lady and the Blog had a post about Splendid and their awesome tie-dyed maxi skirts. Well I went to the Neiman Marcus website and these things were like $98.00-$148.00 bucks. Needless to say I moved right on even though I REALLY wanted one of them!

So yesterday I was at Rue 21 and spotted this great Splendid looki-like skirt on the sale rack $7.00. WoW!

Splendid looki -like from Rue 21

This skirt has that same super softy material just like the maxi from Splendid and has a very similar tie-dyed look. I am so excited!

I love a looki-like for less! (say that three time fast)

Happy Friday:)



Lookie for Less

24 Jan

Check out these trendy little black knit shorts I spotted today on the blog,  fashiontoast.com.  I love, love these things! On my mission to buy a pair of them,  I quickly learned that if your not a Do It Yourself knitting expert or fashion model in another country, that these are expensive and darn hard to come by.

Well, I can’t let those silly details get in the way of my need for this cute little heiney sweater. First I headed over to Etsy, where you can find the craftiest people on the planet, no dice.  Then I surf on over to my other goto shopping spot for hard to find items, ebay.

Lookie there,  the perfect substitute for our hard to find $100-$200 designer knit shorts. These $14.99 black knit shorts are made by Harmonie, and are normally used by ballet dancers.  All you need now is some thigh high socks and a fabulous belt and shirt!!! I love it when a fashion plan comes together!



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