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Vintage Fashion: The Pillbox Hat

27 Apr

I have a fascination with vintage fashion and have always been in love with the idea of “ladies being ladies” with their hats, dresses and gloves.

This photo of Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime Make-up is just fabulous! Look how beautiful she is in her vintage pillbox flower hat!

As soon as I saw it, I began scouring ebay for a look-alike hat which unfortunately I did not find.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a unique assortment of other vintage hats to make you feel like a little lady! This could easily become my new obsession I’m afraid!

Vintage hats are a really cool and affordable way to make a unique fashion statement. Hooray for being a lady!



Want it Wednesday: Lime Crime Makeup

16 Mar

Dragon Scales by Lime Crime

Lime Crime is an awesome makeup line developed by this incredibly cool and unique chick named Doe Deere! I need a cool name like that. Anyhoo, I have had this site bookmarked under my favs for quite a while. I go there each week placing an item or two in my cart and then when I get to checkout, my poor little order always gets abandoned. The reason,  I just can’t decide what I wanna get. I just want it all! Who could resist cosmetics with a slogan “So bright, it’s illegal”!

Dragon Scales Pigment

So I finally decided on Dragon scales eye pigment (Terracotta brown illuminated from within with turquoise shimmer).




Other fabulous items I can’t wait to get are: New Yolk City, a super fly Yellow lipstick and Coquette Opaque Lipstick!



I shopped them around to try to find a deal but found that Lime Crime products were pretty much the same price on ebay and other sites,  lipsticks $16 and pigments $14.  I did find a coupon for 10% off at Lime Crime, code fb10, on retailmenot.com.



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