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Two Funky Summer Hairdos: Dip Dye and Bleach Bangs!

14 Jun

 It’s Summer…. why not put some funky in your hairdo!

#1 Dip Dye 

Check out my daughters dip dye job!

 Dip dying is in and I found that most people like to use SPLAT to do it.  We used the Pink Fetish kit. It comes with a bleach and a color. We skipped right over the bleach part and just put the dye straight on since her hair is already light.

I just put some dye in my (gloved) fingers and kinda pulled down on the tips, making sure it was well saturated and even. Don’t let this stuff touch anything that you don’t won’t permanently pink.  I left it on for about 20 minutes. Rinsed, shampooed…. instant cool!

The color turned out pretty and almost had a sparkly appearance.

(Warning: when you wash your hair use ole towels and be sure to dry the colored part before sittin’ on a couch or going to bed. The color rubs off a little when wet)

#2 Bleach Beach Bangs

I put a little beach in my bangs for the Summer!

My hair coloring journey started years back when a beauty salon chick (you know who you are) ruined my hair. I decided then and there if my hair is gettin’ ruined, I’m gonna be in control of it,  darn’it!

Now home bleaching can seem a little complicated and scary at first and requires a little research, some professional products and some trial and error.  YouTube chicks can serve as a great resource and somewhat of a guide for what you should and shouldn’t do.

Unfortunately, Bleach does do a little damage to your locks…the price you pay for beauty:)



Whole Artichokes…Super Fun to Eat!!!! (seriously)

16 May



These days when I’m at the grocery store, I try to get at least one item that I have never tried before and a whole artichoke was this weeks item.

Man, I knew I liked artichokes, but I usually just eat them out of the can.

I didn’t even know how to cook the thing, so I shot on over to YouTube to get a couple of pointers.

I learned that you cut about an inch off the top and cut the stem off the bottom, rinse it and then boil it. I also learned the hard way, that they have sharp pointy things that hurt you very much on the top of the petals. If you don’t feel like shedding a little blood, you can cut those off with some scissors.

It takes about 25-45 minutes to cook. When mine was soft and spreading out. I knew it was done.

I took it out, drained it and sprinkled it with sea salt.

If your confused on what you can actually eat, you just peel off a petal and scrape your teeth from the middle down to the bottom and discard. You just keep on pluckin’ and scrapin’ those petals till you get down to the center. There you’ll find a hairy weirdee part that you have to scrape off with a spoon to get to the good stuff underneath which is the “heart”! Ahhh..how romantic!

I’ll tell ya people, whole artichokes and canned artichokes are two different things entirely. Ones good and ones GREAT. I also found out that these whole artichoke hearts taste just like mashed potato. What a great guilt free substitute for tators, man!

If you’re on a calorie splurge you can dip your petals in a little butter or mayo.  (sounds dangerously good)

Erbody say” Hey…Hooo…”arti-choooke”!!!

Eating a whole artichoke is like having a fun little mini party with a gift at the end, or maybe I just like food “THAT” much..LOL!



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