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Fun Friday! Learn A New Hair Style and Flip Some Flops!

5 Apr

Ready to have some fun today?

Try this fishtail braid hairdo from caitbarker, so cute!

Get crafty and ready for Spring with this DIY Gladiator flip flop tutorial from Michaels!


Cut plastic tops off of the flip flop. Discard.

Cut a 1″x2½’ T-shirt strip and pull on it to make a string.

Tie the two end strips together and push through the toe hole. Tie a knot that sits on the bottom of the shoe. Push up into the hole and reinforce with Weldbond® glue.

Take the long strings and push down the back holes. Tie a knot on the bottom of the shoe and push the remaining string to the top. Reinforce the knot in the hole with Weldbond® glue.

The remaining T-shirt string will be wrapped around the ankle in front, back and tied in front.

Use a small piece of T-shirt string to tie a bow on the top of the sandal close to the toe area.

Now your looking cute, have a good weekend!!!



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