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What’s on the Menu Wednesday!

23 Mar

I love that show on the cooking channel, Food(ography) with Mo Rocca. Last night they did a segment on the website food.com, where you can get a ton of great recipes and menu ideas. So in this segment of food(ography)  they featured a recipe for lasagna cupcakes… intriguing! So it’s lasagna in a muffin tin,  using wonton wrappers instead of noodles. This is an absolutely cute, fun, and easy idea for dinner or would be awesome as a party appetizer!


Lasagna Cupcakes..Ahh aren't they cute:)

Also, since they are already portioned out, it works out great if you’re trying to watch your weight. I know every time I make lasagna in a pan, I always end up putting a huge portion on the plates. Apparently, I lack self-control or my utensils are too big. Yes, that’s it, I think!

So that’s what’s on the menu for tonight, lasagna cupcakes and caesar salad….YUM!!



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