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What is a Stylish Piggy, you ask?

11 Jan

Stylish – having style; smart, fashionable.

Piggy – a girl who LOVES food; loves thinking about it, looking at it,  and eating it!!!

Put those two things together and you get “ME”! So, here I am, a mom, wife, infamous wannabe and self-proclaimed stylish piggy.

When I wake up in the morning, a few things come to mind. What day is it?  Where did that bizarre dream come from and  most importantly, what am I going to eat and wear today?

In this blog, I am gonna be yakking about the healthy food I eat during the week, so the piggy can saddle up to the trough on the weekends, sampling different restaurants and devouring food treats that I bake up in my kitchen. I am also going to be rambling on about a bunch of girly stuff that I find most enjoyable. Fashion, style, etc.

P.S. My writing skills are crap.  Hopefully,  you will see some progress as this blog goes along. If not, keep reading anyway…piggies are cute.



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