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Icky Dessert

5 Jul

July 4th, good times, family and food.

Well, some good food…and some not so good.

Yesterday, I was laying in bed watching the Today show and making a list of food that I wanted to cook up for the day. I wanted something “different”.  Oh good here comes the food segment, wowee… Campfire bread pudding with hot dogs buns! How absolutely festive, just like banana’s fosters but with hot dog buns!

Fast forward to 10 o’clock at night which is the time that we actually got around to dessert. I don’t care if I am eatin’ this at midnight, I’m makin’ it. That may have been the alcohol talkin’ by the way. By this time the fire had long gone out and I decided I was going to make it in the oven, which the recipes says will work just fine.


 I can’t wait! I can’t wait. I can’t wait!!

I put it in the oven and went in the bedroom to soak up some TV. I say to my husband, don’t let me go to sleep with that stuff in the oven.

30 mins later, I am suddenly awakened by my husband shouting, You got that stuff in the oven!! I jump out of bed and run to oven, smells delish! Lets do this!


 As I was dishing it out, I noticed that it looked rather INTER-esting. It has a super weird and totally unapplealing  consistency, like syrupy mushy scrambledy eggs mixed with banana and bread lumps that were soft on the bottom and hard as rocks on the top. I think I saw it moving.

 Should we consume this?

 I handed the plate to my husband without prior warning and we both cleaned our plates. The taste was actually pretty good, don’t think about it just eat it.

When I got out of bed to take the plates back to the kitchen, my husband turned to me in all seriousness and said, “I hope this doesn’t kill me”. I say, “Yep, that was just icky”.

I’m happy to say that we made it through unharmed, but the thought of the pudding has scarred me for life.

Next July 4th I will be skipping the bread pudding and substituting plain ‘ole boring and predictably good and normal watermelon.

Hope you had a great 4th!



Fooded Out…Man.

16 Dec



While searching the interwebs today for ideas for appetizers for my Christmas Eve Party, nothing was looking particularly appetizing. Then to my horror, I realized it had happened, “I’m fooded out”!!!

Wow, this really sucks. I love food, how could this be and at Christmas no less, the most wonderful time of the year to pig out.

Eating large amounts holiday food on a daily basis, can really zap the life right out of your bones. I just had 3 large handfuls of chocolate coated cashews for breakfast for Gods sake. What in the world!

I am thankful though at this time of the year that I have food to eat and feel sad that some people don’t have the luxury of getting “fooded out”.  Note to self: give chocolate cashews to the needy, ASAP.

Since I’m currently “fooded out” at the moment and unable to make a sound food decision, why not let me know what appetizers your cooking up for your Holiday party?

I hope Santa bring me some Tums this year.



I Want My Monkey, Cracker Jack!

5 Jun

photo-57So in the grocery store this week,  I came upon an end cap full of Cracker Jacks.  OoooH, there’s a prize inside! It says it right there on the box, it’s highlighted in fact inside a red and yellow star. “Well, I got to get some of those vintagy good foodie treats, I say to myself”! I picked up a three pack and went on my merry way.

Today, when my appetite was poking at me,  I head  on over to the pantry for a snack and there they are, Cracker Jacks, just screaming to be eaten and oh, there is a prize inside. Zipideedooda!

Well this prize can’t be too good, it’s flat.  Why look,  it’s a Louisville Slugger sticker and they want me to visit their website so I can enter my name in a drawing. Lucky me, an advertisement cleverly disguised as a prize.


They also say that I can go to crackerjack app.com and download some games. Well, that’s all fine and good, but I didn’t sign up for a digital prize, I signed up for a little nostalgic Cracker Jacks and a two-cent chatchkee.  How bout a plastic monkey, a whistle or even a good joke. I’ll take any of those. C’mon Man!

Well, I also opened a second box of Jacks to see if my monkey was in there and of course he wasn’t. It was that same sticker/advertisement. Who can guess what the prize is in the third box?

I am however very happy to report that the caramel coated popcorn and peanuts were in fact delicious. Cracker Jack is owned by Frito Lay and I know they have more money than Oprah, so just throw in the monkey next time! Thank you and good day.

Have you been on a recent food rant? Let me know!

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Mad Food Science: Crunchwraps and Chinese Pizza Pockets

15 Jan


Taco Bell CrunchWrap

My newest obsession. I love them and I am disgusted by them all at the same time. Lets face it folks “Taco Meat Filler” just  isn’t that appealing. How bout we make our own crunchwrap at home, so we know what the hecks in them!

Here’s a recipe from Culinary Couture that shows you how it’s done!

Crunch away…..

Update: Yep, better than the real thing!



Chinese Pizza Pocket


I was also inspired recently by this Chinese pizza I saw on the food channel.  I went searching for a recipe  for  a Chinese pizza and found these jokers. They are making this crazy ass pizza, but they inspired me to come up with my own version of a Chinese Pizza pocket. Mine won’t be nearly as funny but it might be cool and tasty. We shall see.

The Plan:

I am gonna need Chinese food from a restaurant. I am gonna try sweet and sour chicken, vegetable low mein and  a couple of egg rolls and some box pizza crust.

What I’m gonna to attempt to do:


Make my crust according to instructions. Take my Chinese food and put it on one side of the crust, fold the other side of the crust over the food and seal it up to make a pocket. Bake it, drizzle it with sweet and sour sauce. Eat it.


Update: thumbs down on the Chinese Pizza pocket. Looks cool, tastes bad.


You may need a Tums after both of these experiments.

I swear and I am going to start eating healthier….maybe next week.


stylishpiggy aka mad food scientist

Excuse Me Sir, There’s a Root in my Sandwich

22 Jan

Just imagine,  your dream sandwich has made its way to your table. It looks deliciously perfect in every way.  You raise it to your lips and take a big ‘ole honkin’ bite and.. Womp, Womp, Waaaaaaa… oh,  no they didn’t!  The dreaded secret ingredient not listed on the menu, your nemesis, is smeared or smothered all over that bad boy.

Just such a thing happened to me recently at one of my favorite restaurants at the Biltmore Estate in NC.  I ordered a griddled ham sandwich with gruyère cheese, apple and arugula with honey maple mayo.  What the menu failed to mention was that honey maple mayo= horseradish polooza.  HORSERADISH,  a nasty little  root that cannot be ignored, and my nemesis!

Some people love this  unattractive little root, but I personally think there should be a proper warning when this stuff has been secretly placed in the food of unsuspecting patrons. They should make glue out of this horsey, not food!

What’s your food nemesis, cilantro, hidden pickles, secret sauces??

Shout it out brothers and sisters!



Yellow Dog Eats

15 Jan

Friday night wino and dino at Yellow Dog Eats.  This is an eclectic little pad, known for its BBQ. The owner and chef’s name is simply “Fish”. You get the picture.

Check out this Wine Glass…Love it!


Beer Cheese Soup topped with popcorn, Neato!


This was carved in our table, maybe they knew I was coming.




What is a Stylish Piggy, you ask?

11 Jan

Stylish – having style; smart, fashionable.

Piggy – a girl who LOVES food; loves thinking about it, looking at it,  and eating it!!!

Put those two things together and you get “ME”! So, here I am, a mom, wife, infamous wannabe and self-proclaimed stylish piggy.

When I wake up in the morning, a few things come to mind. What day is it?  Where did that bizarre dream come from and  most importantly, what am I going to eat and wear today?

In this blog, I am gonna be yakking about the healthy food I eat during the week, so the piggy can saddle up to the trough on the weekends, sampling different restaurants and devouring food treats that I bake up in my kitchen. I am also going to be rambling on about a bunch of girly stuff that I find most enjoyable. Fashion, style, etc.

P.S. My writing skills are crap.  Hopefully,  you will see some progress as this blog goes along. If not, keep reading anyway…piggies are cute.



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