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Feathers…So Fly!!!

18 Feb

When I found out that feather hair extensions are the hot new trend for Spring 2011, I almost fell off my chair. Feathers are completely FLY!

I shopped them around online and found a good deal on eBay, getting them for around a buck a feather. You also need to buy the silicone hair beads to install them in your hair.  I bought 200 beads on Amazon for $11.

From what I’ve read, these extensions seem very easy to install, all you need is a pair of pliers and a hair hook (like the ones that come in a highlight kit).  What’s cool about these natural feathers is that they can be styled, washed and curled right along with your regular hair and can last up to a month or so.

I am impatiently waiting on my feathers…please Mr. Postman, hurry up with the goods!




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