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Four Things

14 Jan

Four Things I’m Lovin’.

 Sorel Slimpack Riding Boot& Chromecast

Slimpack Boots-adore these distinct and stylish looking guys, very comfy after the struggle to get them over your cankels, hence the name “slimpack”. Size up, half a size, for a better fit.

Watching my favorite YouTubers on the big screen is super fun with Chromecast, it’s a bit shocking at first, because it feels like they are all up in your grill, but after you get used to it, it’s a hoot! Cast AWAY~


 Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea from Teavana

It’s like swallowing spearmint gum without the associated guilt that it might clog up your guts for seven years.


Coconut Oil -buy it at any grocery store

Good for just about everything, use it for cooking, bringing life back into your crusty body parts, removing makeup and fixing your split ends.

Rule: {a little goes a long way}


What are you lovin’ today? {besides this blog post} lol



2014: Interesting Already!

16 Feb

2014, we are two months in and you are interesting already~

I turned 40 and it feels just like 39…except for a couple of new gray hairs.


I got a mini pony, his name is Tater. Every morning, when he sees me coming out of the house, he gallops across the pasture to say “Hi” and also to find out if I have a carrot in my pocket. He is a noble steed.


I finally got a vintage sofa. It has pink and white stripes and carved roses. What else do I need to say.


I made candy glass for a Frozen birthday cake for my daughter without a candy thermometer and it turned out PERFECT and I didn’t burn off any skin with the 300 degree sugar. Will never be able to repeat that victory.

candy glass

I  also made a Rodarte celestial hair clip, now I can pretend to be a supermodel! You can buy an original for $600.00 or make one for $10.00. Your choice.


 Might I suggest the cheaper route, here’s what you need :photo-821

 Small and large stars, a hair clip or comb, gold wire, and some gold spray paint. There are some videos and tutorials out there, just Google DIY Rodarte Clip, but I kinda just winged it when I did mine.

Spray paint your stars , cut long pieces of wire, alternate wrapping the wire around large and small stars,attach to hair clip or comb in whatever way looks good to you. Easy peezy and super chic!

Got some awesome gold Art Craft cat eyeglasses from the 50s. Just need to have my prescrip put in them and I will be able to see T.V. again.


We just had a freakish ice storm, followed by days of power loss and then we had an earthquake. Which one of you slapped a curse on S.C. {fess up now and we’ll go easy on ya}. I almost burnt my house down trying to cook in my fireplace. I don’t like pioneering.

Besides my normal mama and wife duties, I’ve also been standing out in the freezing cold at Estate Sales treasure hunting for my Etsy shop. Fun Stuff. 

Things I’ve recently purchased:


Bacon tee from Old Navy, bracelet from Dillards, fancy shirt from one of those stores at the mall that you never bothered to know the name of ???? and some root concealer from Sephora, you did see that I turned 40, this stuff works, sister.

Latest food addiction:

Candied bacon, I think I had a dream about it. Good thing I have associated guilt with my bacon consumption or I’d be a real porker. {haha} Yes, I went there.

I have yet to start the healthy eating phase of 2014.

Its gonna be a good year.

How’s it going for you?



Become A Lady: Downton Abbey Inspired Dress

4 Mar

Just because we don’t live in a castle doesn’t mean we can’t be a “Lady”.

Check out this Downton Abbey inspired dress I found at TJ Maxx for $24.99.

photo-16Gorgeous lace pattern
photo-17This asymmetrical line is my favorite part of the dress

photo-19Cut out back

photo-18Fringe Bottom

All I need now is a lady’s maid and some tea.



Life in a Magazine Is like… Life on Another planet!

24 Apr

Darn magazines and their perfect lives…

You know the ones I’m talking about, the evil ones that lure you in with their beautiful models, picture perfect products and meticulously sculpted scenery all telling you that you will lead an inferior unhappy life if you don’t fill your home and your person with these fine products.

Back in the day, I used to fall for the hype… but now, not so much. I still love beautiful things, but here is an example why I can’t lead a “magazine life”.

Soft Surroundings magazine-they start reeling you in with just the name, who doesn’t wanna be surrounded with soft stuff, brilliant marketing;)

Exhibit 1- The incredible plush looking perfect magazine bed

This incredibly  beautiful lush lisette bedding costs about a $1000 bucks  and would last about a day at my house. Once it’s been slept on forget about it, the pillows… smushed, the bedspread… wrinkled. My daughter would have christened it with goldfish and other greasy snacks and it would have been given the once over by my dog, leaving a faint doggie smell.

Exhibit #2 Good Morning!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t look like this  when I wake up in the morning and eat my breakfast. My hair is crazy, I have mismatched pj’s with only one sock  and I’m stumbling around with one eye open searching for coffee and grumbling about getting up.

Exhibit #3 The ‘ole Beach scene

They always look so beautiful on the beach, don’t they. Well, I rarely look like this chick. The wind is usually blowing a hundred miles and hour, I am covered in sand, sunburned and my hair is usually in some sort of wet ball on top of my head.

Exhibit #4 The Outdoor Space

 I don’t know who this Robin person is, but they are pretty lucky to be drinking wine and taking a casual nap on this luxurious patio  daybed.  This set up is exclusively for magazine folk only.

 Oh Boy, let’s get dressed up in our finest $84 dollar linen shirt to go do some yard work.

Exhibit #5 The Un-Lived in Living room

This is the one they always reel me in on. The un-lived in living room. The showroom quality, no dust bunny, non-trashed, color coordinated, designer, no life,  standing room only living room.  Looks good on paper, ya’ll, but forget about it!

Hey…..wait a minute..I do like these terrace pants.  Something I can have but sadly I probably won’t cause these britches are $80 bucks. When they go on sale perhaps.

So there you have it…magazine life, a pretty perfect paper life that is pretty much unattainable.  Do we really want  it anyways, seems like a lot of trouble to me..LOL.  How bout you?



Beautiful and Unusual… just my flava!

28 Feb

This is my favorite dress from the Oscars!  It might not be the most general appeal stunner of the evening, but to me it’s just so striking, unusual and interesting. My favorite flava!



Date with a Fugly Fish

14 Feb

This completely fugly fish is a Monkfish. Rightfully holding the title as the ugliest fish in the world. However, this fish is also known to have a sweet and mild taste and lean texture comparable to a lobster. This fish is sometimes referred to as “poor man’s lobster”. I love to research foods and have been wanting to try this fish for quite some time. I have to tell you though, expectations can sometimes be a real bummer, as the general consensus of this ugly fish was unanimously… delicious!! So I was super geeked up about trying it out!

The moment of truth arrives as my drunken Monkfish, the nightly special at Bonefish,  was set before me. Well it certainly looked pretty and smelled great.  A fried Monkfish fillet on a bed of rice and spicy Chinese veggies.

Monkfish lowdown:

– somewhat sweet, but virtually tasteless

-nice white stringy texture

-Frying is not the way to go with this fish.

Overall, this Monkfish dish was good, a little bit of a let down,  as frying this fish,  zapped all the flavor out of it,  definitely would have been much better prepared a different way. Next time,  broil that sucker and slap some butter on it! Turn that fugly fish into a lovely little dish;)

At least I didn’t look fugly in my cute jumper that I have been dying to wear.


This is a no name jean jumper that I got from a specialty shop, while on a trip. I think the big booby bow is completely sweet and unusual. Love it!!!


Happy Valentines to you all..have a sweet day!



Lookie for Less

24 Jan

Check out these trendy little black knit shorts I spotted today on the blog,  fashiontoast.com.  I love, love these things! On my mission to buy a pair of them,  I quickly learned that if your not a Do It Yourself knitting expert or fashion model in another country, that these are expensive and darn hard to come by.

Well, I can’t let those silly details get in the way of my need for this cute little heiney sweater. First I headed over to Etsy, where you can find the craftiest people on the planet, no dice.  Then I surf on over to my other goto shopping spot for hard to find items, ebay.

Lookie there,  the perfect substitute for our hard to find $100-$200 designer knit shorts. These $14.99 black knit shorts are made by Harmonie, and are normally used by ballet dancers.  All you need now is some thigh high socks and a fabulous belt and shirt!!! I love it when a fashion plan comes together!



What is a Stylish Piggy, you ask?

11 Jan

Stylish – having style; smart, fashionable.

Piggy – a girl who LOVES food; loves thinking about it, looking at it,  and eating it!!!

Put those two things together and you get “ME”! So, here I am, a mom, wife, infamous wannabe and self-proclaimed stylish piggy.

When I wake up in the morning, a few things come to mind. What day is it?  Where did that bizarre dream come from and  most importantly, what am I going to eat and wear today?

In this blog, I am gonna be yakking about the healthy food I eat during the week, so the piggy can saddle up to the trough on the weekends, sampling different restaurants and devouring food treats that I bake up in my kitchen. I am also going to be rambling on about a bunch of girly stuff that I find most enjoyable. Fashion, style, etc.

P.S. My writing skills are crap.  Hopefully,  you will see some progress as this blog goes along. If not, keep reading anyway…piggies are cute.



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