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Excused Absence

31 Jan

Yes, I do have a doctors note for the absence of piggy posts this week. My poor hubby had to have emergency surgery and I have been calling the hospital home for a week.

As far as the hospital fashion front, nothing to exciting to report. Just a bunch of dazed and confused zombie looking family members with tousled hair and days old disheveled clothing, which I call, “hospital sheik”. Most importantly though, it would not be a hospital without the hideous sacks that adorn every patients body. I like to refer to this unflattering look as,” mental sheik”, because It reminds me of what patients in the insane asylum are sporting. I see a biz op here.

On the food front, I would have to say that my husband was lucky, as he was not allowed much of it. I can report though that the smell of other folks non-tasty hospital vittles was enough to set off the ‘ole gag reflex a time or two.

This whole ordeal has really been one big bad dream. From our semi-private room with a Schizophrenic neighbor, super meanie charge nurses and incompetent doctors with attitudes, we have experienced just about every unpleasant thing that happens in these places. I felt as if I was Alice, on a journey to wonderland, meeting strange and unpleasant creatures.

The great thing about this bad dream is that it has a very happy ending. My hubby is on the road to recovery, and we are going home soon. In homage to hospitals and this incredibly painful experience, I have come up with a new slogan that just about sums it up.

Hospitals, we save but…we suck!!!

(watch us like a hawk or we will try and kill you)



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