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Simple.Refreshing.Fancy. (no, not me silly…Flavored Water)

17 May

Who likes plain ‘ole water…not me!  I am always adding ingredients to my water bottle so that I can get myself some flava.

My favorite things to add are definitely mint and cucumber!  You can do just mint, just cucumber or add them both together.

Simple.Refreshing.Fancy. Make it for your husband, your family or friends on a hot day and they will show you some love!

Mint and Cucumber Water

Plenty of ice cubes
1 gallon chilled water (purified water preferred)
1 medium cucumber
10 fresh mint leaves, rinsed

1. Thin slice cucumber
2. Place cucumber slices in pitcher, punch bowl, or beverage jar
3. Slightly muddle or cut mint leaves to release flavor and place in serving container of choice
4. Add water and ice cubes
5. Stir mixture and let sit in refrigerator for four to eight hours to allow flavors to infuse into water
6. Mixture will last up to three days. Discard mixture once cucumber slices or mint starts to look slimy.



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