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Gruyere! Love to say it and eat it!

23 Feb

What do you get when you put together Gruyere Cheese,  pronounced (Grew-yair),  a tube of croissants and some chunk ham?  You get the best ham cheesy poof on the planet. That’s what!

Make your own cheesy poofs:

Grate the Gruyere cheese. Gosh, I just love saying Gruyere, don’t you?

Place the croissants in a nonstick muffin tin

Fill with cheese and chunk ham

Fold in all the sides of the croissants until the cheese and ham are covered

Bake according to croissant directions

The best dang Gruyere and ham cheesy poof ever!


Reasons to love the cheesy poof:

  • It’s crazy simple, with only three ingredients
  • You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • It will make people think your a real chef
  • Finally, because it has a cool, hard to pronounce, savory,  sexy swiss cheese in its list of ingredients



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