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Thankful For Retail Stores!

19 Nov

Let us give thanks for retail stores, for without them we would be just plain boring! 

Charlotte Russe Necklaces

Forever 21 Upholstered Short

Claire’s ear cuff

Mod Wedges Shoeland

Aqua Blue Bow Purse Charming Charlie

Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for this turkey day…other than fashion….I know I do:)



Pickled Feet and Fashion

16 May

Oh, it’s a fine Monday! I woke up to the birds singing and the sun shining and found that my feet and hands were back to their normal size again, well thank goodness!

I don’t like to gripe, okay, sometimes I do,  but the amount of salt in restaurant food is getting down right ridiculous!  Which brings me to an important question of the day,  Is there a government conspiracy or some evil mastermind curling a mustache somewhere with a plot to take over the world by pickling us all one at a time?

How much salt are these folks really using in my tasty restaurant cooked meal and is it really necessary? Next time I feel like going out to dinner, I think I’ll just stay home and eat a shaker full of salt. Do you have the sneaking suspicion you’re being pickled as well?

Okay, I’m done whining,  check out this pink fedora I scored at H&M and this black flower bracelet I got from Charming Charlie this weekend. Love these stores!



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