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Drink, Eat and Splurge: Memorial Day Menu

24 May

I personally like to use a holiday as a perfectly good excuse to eat slightly naughty foods and not feel that guilty. Well, what do you know,this weekend just happens to be a holiday. I’ll just HAVE to drink, eat and splurge just a little…

Drink:  Cool Blackberry Cocktail

It’s gonna be kinda hot this weekend, so I’m gonna stay cool as a cucumber with this blackberry cocktail.

EAT: Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

For all you veggie lovers out there, you can’t go wrong with this cheesy grilled veggie sandwich.

Goodness me, you could hook up a little au jus and some baked fries for this sammie and wowee, wow, wow!

Splurge:  Oatmeal Carmelita’s

 Gonna bust out some of these buttery, beautiful and addictive chocolate chip Oatmeal Carmelita’s! Okay, these might be considered a little more than slightly naughty.

Have a safe and delicious Holiday!



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