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Excuse Me Sir, There’s a Root in my Sandwich

22 Jan

Just imagine,  your dream sandwich has made its way to your table. It looks deliciously perfect in every way.  You raise it to your lips and take a big ‘ole honkin’ bite and.. Womp, Womp, Waaaaaaa… oh,  no they didn’t!  The dreaded secret ingredient not listed on the menu, your nemesis, is smeared or smothered all over that bad boy.

Just such a thing happened to me recently at one of my favorite restaurants at the Biltmore Estate in NC.  I ordered a griddled ham sandwich with gruyère cheese, apple and arugula with honey maple mayo.  What the menu failed to mention was that honey maple mayo= horseradish polooza.  HORSERADISH,  a nasty little  root that cannot be ignored, and my nemesis!

Some people love this  unattractive little root, but I personally think there should be a proper warning when this stuff has been secretly placed in the food of unsuspecting patrons. They should make glue out of this horsey, not food!

What’s your food nemesis, cilantro, hidden pickles, secret sauces??

Shout it out brothers and sisters!



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