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The Secret to Decorating for Christmas

11 Dec

I am certainly not the best, by any means at Christmas decor, I am more of a Halloween gal, but after many years, I finally figured out the secret of Christmas decorating.


 Start out by picking out some ribbon that suits your fancy, fill your cart up with it and then slap it on everything you own.

{Apparently, ribbon has some magical powers in the universe }

Coordinating ribbon can instantly transform your everyday items from BLAH to FA LA LA in a jiffy and make it seem like you really thought this thing out.

Here’s a quickie tour of my decorations for this year, I didn’t go all out this year, since I was sick and pretty busy, but it came together all the same. {ribbon} wink, wink.




Rock-n-Roll ribbon meets lumber jack

Entry Tree


Filled with roses and vintage ornaments

Dining RoomIMG_9486


Love these vintage silk thread ornaments, I got from an estate sale, I bet you probably had some of these on your tree growing up.

This is Bob. He’s so jolly, he doesn’t need ribbon.IMG_9488

Dining TableIMG_9489




Thrifted candle holders




Ribbon is from Hobby Lobby


Plaid Moose Christmas card holder from Dollar General




Big Lots plaid and fur tree skirt


Big Lots plaid and fur stockings



Stylish Piggy MascotIMG_9507


Mr. Christmas from Big Lots, voice activated musical light show for your tree. This is really fun!

Sun Room



Vintage brass deer and dollar store silver tree


Kitchen Chandelier

This light was a DIY project. I saw a beautiful wood beaded fixture online for 1,200.00 bucks, so I went to Hobby Lobby, bought some wood beads and wood finial, strung them on my Lowe’s fixture and this is how it turned out!



Here are some links from Tator Tots & Jello for some DIY Wood Bead Chandeliers.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.



My Mr. Big Got Me A Closet!!!

11 Jul

The Carrie Closet

It’s not quite Carrie Bradshaw and it doesn’t have a pair of Manolo’s in it, but my new closet is pretty FLY! Let’s just call it a mini Carrie shall we!

The Mini Carrie

Love my jewelry drawers, my closet mascot (Stylish Piggy) and my creepy vintage doll collection

Check out this turquoise dress with the leopard collar that I adopted from the goodwill recently. It’s kinda Audrey Hepburn hip and will be great for fall! I also got this cute little wicker and turquoise purse to match. Spent $8.00 bucks:)

Stay tuned to see other lovies that come to live in my mini Carrie closet! Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

A big thank you to my Mr. Big for my mini Carrie:)



To New Best Friends and Vintage Hats!

6 Jul

My New Best Friend

Every wasp and yellow jacket in South Carolina has come to the only watering hole within 10 miles…my swimming pool. When I say EVERY, I’m not exaggerating. Swatting these suckers has become an Olympic sport at our house. We have already broken one swatter and are working on our second.  My daughter has been stung twice already and they are just a complete drag.

We have tried just about every homemade bee trap on YouTube and this morning the bug man came and bombed my attic. Oh, Billy the Exterminator, where are you?

Oh, twell…you can’t control the country. Luckily we have moved to the most beautiful place in the world or else I might get bitchy.

On the fashion front, check out this awesome vintage hat my mom bought for me! I can’t wait to wear it out, thanks Mom!

Vintage Red Velvet Hat

Until next time piggies…

xoxofashionxoxbut not bees:)


Hey Toto, I don’t think we’re in Florida anymore!

20 Jun

Stylish Piggy is back ya’ll, coming at you now from South Carolina or as I like to refer to it as “South Kackalacki”.

We have had an exciting first week here on the farm.  Our satellite dish was practically ripped out of the roof (twice) by some crazy storms,  a tree fell on our fence, we’ve got birds and lots of them, were overrun with hornets and bugs of unknown origin and my husband has gone from business man to bug man overnight. Oh and did I mention a wild pig ran through our yard. This must be a sign that the Stylish Piggy is home!

Looks like the adventure has just begun! The best thing so far about being in the country is getting to wear my hunter boots on a daily basis!

I am about to drop the “F” bomb people.  Food, Fashion and now “Farm”. Loves it!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe!



The Pig is On The Move!

9 Jun

It’s finally moving day! Will be back online soon, if I can get internet in the stix!

Tata for now!


Excused Absence

31 Jan

Yes, I do have a doctors note for the absence of piggy posts this week. My poor hubby had to have emergency surgery and I have been calling the hospital home for a week.

As far as the hospital fashion front, nothing to exciting to report. Just a bunch of dazed and confused zombie looking family members with tousled hair and days old disheveled clothing, which I call, “hospital sheik”. Most importantly though, it would not be a hospital without the hideous sacks that adorn every patients body. I like to refer to this unflattering look as,” mental sheik”, because It reminds me of what patients in the insane asylum are sporting. I see a biz op here.

On the food front, I would have to say that my husband was lucky, as he was not allowed much of it. I can report though that the smell of other folks non-tasty hospital vittles was enough to set off the ‘ole gag reflex a time or two.

This whole ordeal has really been one big bad dream. From our semi-private room with a Schizophrenic neighbor, super meanie charge nurses and incompetent doctors with attitudes, we have experienced just about every unpleasant thing that happens in these places. I felt as if I was Alice, on a journey to wonderland, meeting strange and unpleasant creatures.

The great thing about this bad dream is that it has a very happy ending. My hubby is on the road to recovery, and we are going home soon. In homage to hospitals and this incredibly painful experience, I have come up with a new slogan that just about sums it up.

Hospitals, we save but…we suck!!!

(watch us like a hawk or we will try and kill you)



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