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She Is My Idol.

29 Apr

{idol-A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.}

I admire her, love her and I’m so proud to call her my daughter.

2013 Prep Idol Winner

2013 Junior Prep Idol Winner!



In A Crazy World, Spread Kindness.

23 Apr

 I was inspired to spread a little love around today. Here’s a little video I made featuring my sweet little girl singing. Hope you get inspired too.

-spread kindness-


Smoke Without Smoking with the Electronic Cigarette

7 Dec


Smoking…a nasty little habit I developed, don’t I know it might  kill me. Yes, I do.

 Why DO people smoke anyway? Well, here’s a couple of reasons I do.

  • It’s fun, I have no idea why, maybe I’m easily amused or just bored to death.
  • It’s a reward: I’ve finished cleaning the toilet! Good job, I think I’ll smoke now.
  • They keep you company and provide bonding time with fellow smokers.  Hello, old friend, how’s your day going?
  • It’s the only time my brain stops to relax. Ahh..this smoke helps me meditate,  wonder if the Buddha smoked?
  • It’s a release from stress and it tastes good with coffee. PMS, PMS, PMS…bring on the coffee and smokes.

Okay, so now that I’ve gone over the lovely reasons I like to smoke. I will go over the things I despise about smoking.

  • Stinky, Stinky, Stinky, masking this smell with perfume is quite a feat.
  • Going outside in freezing cold, ouch.
  • Stigma, it’s no longer Audrey Hepburn and Mad Men glamorous.

Most importantly the number one reason that I don’t like smoking is that with each puff, I pictures these little cancer cells going in my body and setting up shop, just waiting for their moment to pounce!

Okay, this is the good part. WHAT! Someone has invented an electronic cigarette?  I can still smoke  without actually smoking and not get the 4000 carcinogenic compounds that come along with it. Okay, let’s do this!   Bought a Blu Ecig and haven’t been back to the real thing since forever.

Ah, yeah, guilt free, smoke free, stigma free, frostbite free smoking. With the electronic cig, I get everything I like about smoking and none of the crap I hate. It’s pretty much a miracle.

Disclaimer: Now for all you people under 18 and you nonsmokers, I AM NOT promoting smoking. You don’t need another bad habit, do you. This is for smokers, who don’t want to “smoke” anymore.



How I Decorated Our New Sailboat!

7 Aug

My husband has always fashioned himself to be a boatin’, sea lovin’, nautical type, even though we never actually ever owned a boat before, however we have walked down countless marina docks over the years under the pretense that we were boat owners (does that count?).  About a month ago,  I found the little beauty above for a major steal,  so I snapped it up for him in honor of our 17th wedding anniversary!

She’s  a cool little vintage ’75  Oday sailboat and she’s still got plenty of life in her! All she needed was a little spit and polish to cozy her up a bit. So here’s what I did….


Vintage Sailor and Siren, Octopus,  turquoise, red stripe, blue, green

Carpe diem pillows clearance section Hobby Lobby-$6
Random pillows from clearance section Hobby Lobby-$6
Fabric-Hobby Lobby
Turquoise mirror Hobby Lobby -$19.99

I found an octopus image online and printed it off on transfer paper. I heat pressed it on the red striped fabric.

Who doesn’t love cold beer?

Got this great turquoise softy guy blanket for $14.99 from Tuesday Morning for those cold fall sails!

Nautical looking basket that I got at Tuesday Morning for 7 bucks and the (H) from Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks. Hot glued it on, instant cell phone, keys, misc basket for the counter.

Mermaid hook from Hobby Lobby

Myself and the hubs on our maiden voyage!

We don’t yet have a name for the ‘ole gal yet, any suggestions?



Curious About Moi?

9 May

They say “curiosity killed the cat”, well that’s a relief, it didn’t kill the pig, so I’m feeling pretty safe right now.

I really don’t know exactly why… but I have always been curious about other people and the lives they lead.

So, if you’re feeling curious today ….here’s a peek into mine.

My Toaster. I use this sucker daily to cook my little waffles and it puts Hello Kitty’s face on them. Awwwww…

My immortal hermit crab. I have this crab for so long, I’ve lost track of how old it is.

My personal heater. Apparently, I was born cold-blooded.

My guest bathroom, where i keep this creepy chick  behind the curtain year round to scare people. Don’t tell them, okay:)

“Bob” one of my favorite things. He hangs around in my dining room. Sometimes, I say “Hi” to him.

The Babies. I have a collection of old spooky dolls that my daughter hates. She is my favorite.

This is how I brush my teefy’s.

This is my ride, Audi Q7.  I love this car very much.

Beer of Choice: “The Chuck”

This is what I do for fun.

This is how I tell time. Tokyo Bay Cuff Watch, love this guy so much!

My husband thinks I’m beautiful.

Well, there it is in all its reality glory. Two minutes, you’ll never get back, but now you know a little somethin’.

Come on, tell me something about you!



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