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Four Things

14 Jan

Four Things I’m Lovin’.

 Sorel Slimpack Riding Boot& Chromecast

Slimpack Boots-adore these distinct and stylish looking guys, very comfy after the struggle to get them over your cankels, hence the name “slimpack”. Size up, half a size, for a better fit.

Watching my favorite YouTubers on the big screen is super fun with Chromecast, it’s a bit shocking at first, because it feels like they are all up in your grill, but after you get used to it, it’s a hoot! Cast AWAY~


 Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea from Teavana

It’s like swallowing spearmint gum without the associated guilt that it might clog up your guts for seven years.


Coconut Oil -buy it at any grocery store

Good for just about everything, use it for cooking, bringing life back into your crusty body parts, removing makeup and fixing your split ends.

Rule: {a little goes a long way}


What are you lovin’ today? {besides this blog post} lol



I Had A Moment.

29 Sep


I have a tween daughter therefore I know who One Direction is, I sing their songs when they come on the radio, I have periodically bought their merchandise and really never gave them too much thought otherwise.

I was recently listening to the local radio and heard them announce a contest for front row seats to an upcoming 1D concert. Well, that sounds like a hoot! I start calling in trying to win.

Finally after days of calling, I am the 10 tenth caller and win the 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction albums and qualify for the drawing for the tickets. Cool!

The drawing came and went and we didn’t win, but it was fun trying. My daughter is not a die- hard 1D fan, but she loves concerts and music and I thought “well, I will just buy tickets to the concert anyway”! So I did.

The concert was upon us and we were pretty much late because traffic was a major problem. As soon and we pulled up and got out the car, we could hear the music start playing. The arena was outdoors and the weather was too perfect to almost be real. This is fantastic, I say to myself.

We dashed through the parking lot and into the arena and frantically started searching for our seats.

What I found most interesting about the concert was the enormous amount of PURE energy. It almost overwhelmed you. It wasn’t like a cheesy, OMG, crying kinda thing. It was just simple fandom at its best and could only be described as “sweet”.

1D performed like this was their first concert and I have never seen a band more appreciative and thankful for their fans and I felt that they genuinely wanted to put on a good show and interact with their audience as much as possible.


My daughter who is pretty much cool and reserved most of the time, was beside herself and let go like I’ve never seen before. Awwww…

The crowd watching provided me with almost as much entertainment as 1D. Looking out into the faces of these girls and seeing a sea of phone lights waving back and forth was down right ethereal, I tell ya.

What the heck just happened here! I just had a dang moment….and in life, my friend, those are worth their weight in gold.

So to all you people who hate boy bands and think they are cliche and feel like you are obliged to bust on them, I am telling you that you could possibly be missing out on something. It was a true experience and made me feel young again and I thank them kindly.

I am pretty sure, I am a One Directioner now {lol, whatever that means}.

These boys put on a great show, they provide girls with a great deal of happiness and fill them with energy and a feeling that they are ALIVE.

You can’t beat that with a stick.



A New Friend Named Epsom Salt

16 May


Two days ago, I fell down the stairs.

The next morning I was basically completely crippled, as I believe I injured just about every muscle in my entire body.

For those of you who don’t know me. I move fast. In fact, I hear people say that all the time.

As a result of my speediness, I get hurt ALOT, I am the only person in the world who can drop their dinner fork off their plate and get it embedded an inch deep into the top of my foot. True story.

So the fact that I almost get a leg chopped off or some type of cut on a daily basis has made me develop a pretty high pain tolerance, but this stair deal was really causing me some discomfort.

While rehashing the gory details of my epic fall to my wise Mother in Law, she suggested Epsom Salts. Well, zipp-pa-dee-doo-da, I just happen to have some of that.

I emptied the entire contents of the salt package in the tub and slinked in. I soaked until I could soak no more.

To my surprise, I got up out of the tub, without one shriek of pain. It’s a miracle…a miracle that lasted about an hour. The salts eventually wore off and I got stiff again.

According to the internet, the salt works by releasing magnesium, which is absorbed through your skin and acts as a pain reliever and reduces inflammation, very scientific stuff here, folks.

Today, I went out and invested in a butt load of epsom salt and I am pretty excited about it.

Anyway, in case you fall down the stairs any time soon or throw your back out moving a sofa for a friend, whatever, I just wanted you to know about the salts.

Epsom salts…yeah, we hang out.




2014: Interesting Already!

16 Feb

2014, we are two months in and you are interesting already~

I turned 40 and it feels just like 39…except for a couple of new gray hairs.


I got a mini pony, his name is Tater. Every morning, when he sees me coming out of the house, he gallops across the pasture to say “Hi” and also to find out if I have a carrot in my pocket. He is a noble steed.


I finally got a vintage sofa. It has pink and white stripes and carved roses. What else do I need to say.


I made candy glass for a Frozen birthday cake for my daughter without a candy thermometer and it turned out PERFECT and I didn’t burn off any skin with the 300 degree sugar. Will never be able to repeat that victory.

candy glass

I  also made a Rodarte celestial hair clip, now I can pretend to be a supermodel! You can buy an original for $600.00 or make one for $10.00. Your choice.


 Might I suggest the cheaper route, here’s what you need :photo-821

 Small and large stars, a hair clip or comb, gold wire, and some gold spray paint. There are some videos and tutorials out there, just Google DIY Rodarte Clip, but I kinda just winged it when I did mine.

Spray paint your stars , cut long pieces of wire, alternate wrapping the wire around large and small stars,attach to hair clip or comb in whatever way looks good to you. Easy peezy and super chic!

Got some awesome gold Art Craft cat eyeglasses from the 50s. Just need to have my prescrip put in them and I will be able to see T.V. again.


We just had a freakish ice storm, followed by days of power loss and then we had an earthquake. Which one of you slapped a curse on S.C. {fess up now and we’ll go easy on ya}. I almost burnt my house down trying to cook in my fireplace. I don’t like pioneering.

Besides my normal mama and wife duties, I’ve also been standing out in the freezing cold at Estate Sales treasure hunting for my Etsy shop. Fun Stuff. 

Things I’ve recently purchased:


Bacon tee from Old Navy, bracelet from Dillards, fancy shirt from one of those stores at the mall that you never bothered to know the name of ???? and some root concealer from Sephora, you did see that I turned 40, this stuff works, sister.

Latest food addiction:

Candied bacon, I think I had a dream about it. Good thing I have associated guilt with my bacon consumption or I’d be a real porker. {haha} Yes, I went there.

I have yet to start the healthy eating phase of 2014.

Its gonna be a good year.

How’s it going for you?



The Evolution of Chicken Farming

10 Dec

Chicks, you know the yellow balls of fluffy goodness they sell at the tractor supply each Spring, the ones you can’t possibly resist and must bring home to live with you immediately. Those ones.

Well, 7 of those came to live with me last year, five yellow ones and two browns.  Hey, it wasn’t my idea, tractor supply makes you purchase 6 and the 7th was just an impulse buy.



I brought them home, put them in a tub of shavings with some water and food and a warmer light. I carefully monitored the temperature every 10 minutes and could not sleep for fear that they might need me in the middle of the night.

Before long, they started plumping up, one chicken in particular was growing much larger than his siblings.  “Ah, what a Big Boy you are”, I would say, even though they were supposed to be all girl chicks. I have a weird tendency to call girls, boys.

I cleaned out the shavings religiously, but soon their home was way too smelly for my laundry room and that’s when they decided to live in my garage until they grew all their feathers.

I need an outdoor coop, stat!  I ordered some plans off ebay, took a trip to Lowe’s and before we knew it, we had ourselves a coop.

It was getting warmer now and the chicks had almost all their permanent feathers. Time to live outdoors!

IMG_2404 IMG_2399

In the beginning, I pretty much changed out the straw bedding every time a chick laid a turd. The new coop looked so pretty and clean and I wanted to keep it all Martha Stewart. However, I was not aware that chickens poop every 2.5 seconds multiply that by 7=a shitload of nasty, {pardon my language}, but that does accurately describe the situation.

On cold nights, I would go out in the middle of the night and tack blankets to the outside of the coop, so they would stay warm. I couldn’t sleep for fear that something would happen to them. Goodness, being a chicken mother was hard.

So, back to the one chick that was growing much faster than all the others, “big boy”, this chick got so fat, that she could hardly walk by 6 months . After a consult with Google, I realized that my impulse buy was a meat chicken, which are normally slaughtered by 8 weeks, they are bred to get fat on the fly.

Poor, big boy, he never had a chance. He was at the bottom of the pecking order, due to his disabilities. I finally had to separate him, so he didn’t get pecked to death, but eventually he succumbed to his obesity and I found him lying feet up one day. I still cry every time I say his name. I have a thing for underdogs and I really liked that chicken.

RIP “Big Boy”


I then decided that the chicken coop was on the small side for six chickens and that I would just let them roam free during the day. This made them very happy! I loved seeing them running around the yard, doing their thang. However, their freedom was cut short by the fact that they started to terrorize my shrubs, tear my plant beds to a shreddle and poop everywhere.

Back to coop, fellers.


After I got tired of replacing the straw bedding everyday, I tried the cat litter approach. I put play sand down and scooped the poop balls out daily with my handy dandy scooper. “Hey, this is working pretty good”. Eventually, the poop mixed in with the sand and became concrete. Now, I’m back to just a dirt floor. I rake it… sometimes.

On a side note, did I mention that its very hard to give a chicken a bath. They don’t like it, not one bit. I eventually accepted the fact that outdoor animals just have to stay dirty.

Lets’s talk about chicken eggs, shall we?


First Chicken Eggs

When they first laid their eggs, it was very exciting! It is amazing to me that these things just POP right out of their butts. Nature is cool.

At first we ate them and then we didn’t eat them, then we gave them away and then we ate them, then we fed them the eggs to the chickens and now I throw them in my compost pile. This may sound silly, but turns out that I can’t stomach an egg that I have to clean poop off of.

Then, there is the pecking. Chickens are freakin’ mean to one another. The strong will peck the weak until they bleed and pull all the feathers out of each others butts. I tried this stuff called “no peck” which didn’t work, I fed them extra protein, which also didn’t work. I made a homemade concoction of Vicks vapor rub and grape Koolaid and rubbed it on the chickens who were getting pecked, which worked for a couple of seconds.

Koolaid stained chickens are quite unattractive, however, they do look splendid in Christmas hats.


Now we are just about caught up to the present time of my chicken journey.  I have 4 nappy white chickens with raw butts and 2 mean brown chickens. My once beautiful coop looks like something from the Beverly Hillbillies from all the trial and error updates I have done over the year and I am getting pretty tired of disposing of dookie eggs that I don’t won’t to eat or give away, because I feel like they are unsanitary and I don’t want to kill my neighbors.

Lets face it, I’ve lost my passion for chicken farming and it only took a little over a year to do it.

It was a very cool experience and I learned a lot along the way, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Is there such thing as an indoor chicken that doesn’t poop?? Maybe I should invent that.

There is always the boiling pot, I guess.



What In The World Have I Been Doing?

14 Nov

Well, I will tell ya…

I have been extremely busy scoping out treasures for my Etsy shop lately, drove an hour and a half yesterday towards Atlanta for a huge estate sale, came back with some excellent stuff!



I really haven’t been eating anything too tasty recently. I did however try some moonshine {only in the South} at a restaurant, which was weird, but enjoyable and…NO…I did not get drunk-fied and no I will not be constructing a homemade still on my property anytime soon, but I’d certainly drink it again if it becomes available.

I ran/walked my first Run or Dye 5K and didn’t “dye”! Thas good.


I scored a Carol Bennett Liberty House Dress at the Goodwill…


I got some cute jewelry at Rue 21 for 2 bucks a piece.

photo-710 photo-712

And last but not least, I have been wearing this hat on my head every night while I sleep! What…its warm. My husband says I look like the guy from Fat Albert that says Obee Kaybee or a jelly fish. In fact, I am wearing this hat as we

So that about sums it up. Hope you have been having as much fun as I am lately. If not, start now.



Katharine Hepburn…You Rock, Sister!

10 Oct


I woke up this morning and decided to cut on the ‘ole television, something I never do, and it happened to be on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). They were showing a documentary about Katharine Hepburn and I was immediately drawn in.

As I was watching,  I realized I didn’t know that much about Mrs. Hepburn’s personal life. I grew up watching African Queen and was always a big fan.

So here’s a few facts I learned from the show:

1-She was awesome!

2-She was awesome!

3-She was married to Spencer Tracey for 26 years and was madly deeply in love with him.

4-She loved a challenge

5-Contrary to popular belief, she did not have Parkinson’s Disease, she inherited her “shakey head” gene from her Grandfather.

After watching this documentary, I also realized that I had fallen out of the habit of watching my beloved classic movies and now “it’s on like donkey kong, ya’ll”!


Loved her iconic pants, her voice and her spunky rebellious personality!

She inspired me this morning…you can get your KHep style inspiration by clicking here.

“if you always do what interests you, at least one person will be pleased” -Katharine Hepburn



And So It Begins….Halloween!

1 Oct

Halloween, my favorite time of the year is finally here…

Check out my yard haunt for 2013 “The Swine Sisters”

Also, here is some righteous and creepy things and Ideas for October!


Skeleton Cameo Ring

stay_creepy_tee_shirts-r20e2df04791243869e5141c6c8b1933d_8naxt_512Stay Creepy Tee, its $45 dollars online, so I am just gonna get my own little black tee and some white paint and rock this shirt in October!


I am heavily into Vintage this year since I started my Etsy shop, so I want to do something like this for my Halloween Costume. Vintage Dress, some kinda of disturbing bag mask. You get the picture~

IMG_2781 2Creepy Pizza Cookies!

If your child is having a Halloween party or some friends over, why not let them make creepy pizza cookies!

 For more fun Halloween costumes and decorating ideas, click here for the link to my Halloween post from last year.

Oh Halloween…i love u~

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She Was Wearing Her Human Uniform.

4 Sep

seated+nude_3-27-10Yesterday, I was thriftin’ at one of my favorite shops and when I came out and was pulling away, I noticed a disheveled looking lady open one of the store trash cans and she starting  going through clothing that had been thrown away.

At that point I turned my car around and pulled back into the parking lot, got out a five dollar bill and was about to get of my car to give it to her. As I was getting out, she turned around and looked at me. It was a very mean look, like she despised me or something.  At that point,  I got back in my car and drove away.  I think in that split second that she looked at me, thoughts  started racing through my head….she is angry,  will she be offended if I offer her help. It was the “unknown” and I ran away from it.

I am feeling pretty bad about it. I had the right idea, my heart was in the right place. Why did I leave without giving her the money?

That lady, who has a name, at the trash cans is a HUMAN. Underneath her clothing and her angry look, she was wearing her human uniform, which I failed to see in this instance.

Human uniforms on a daily basis would sure come in handy. To see ourselves and others for the people we really are and not just the outside image.

Clothing is about fun and expression,  but it’s not all we are or all we should be.

If I ever see her again, I will give her a $20.



Estate Sales: The Good, Bad and Ugly

26 Aug

Estate sale

What is an estate sell?
Well, an estate sale is where your family or a hired professional company sell off all your worldy belongings after you’ve kick’d the ‘ole bucket. Dollar bills, ya’ll…
 If you have never been to one, its definitely an interesting experience. I am about to give you the good, bad and the ugly on these kinds of sales… so here we go.

The Good~

If your interested in people, like I am, an estate sale is like a window into someone life.  By the time you have made your way through the sale, you really kinda get a mental snapshot of who the person was and what kind of life they led.

I especially love it when a family member is putting on the sale. That’s when I get all the stories of how their mother loved that hat and how their wife wore that coat to all the parties and it was her favorite or how they wore that dress when they were a teenager. It’s nice for me and its nice for the family, some days, I keep a tissue in the ‘ole pockets in case I start watering up.

M-E-MO-R-I-E–S !!! LIGHT THE CORNERS OF MY MIND…..misty watered colored memories….of the way they were… {little Barbara Streisand for ya}

Vintage stuff is just automatically cool and at these sales, there is lots of it. Buying these items also makes me feel like I’m extending people’s legacy, I just think its neat that a little part of that person is gonna be “livin’ on” with someone else and that their items are once again gonna be enjoyed.

Since I sell most of my vintage scores in my Etsy shop, I feel like I’m doing my part to spread the love, cause now Aunt Betty’s beloved coat is going to live at Katie’s house in New York. What did we do before the days of the internet?

 The bad~

Some of these sales can really be kinda sad and a little creepy.

Some homes reek of some unidentifiable smells , some have dank Freddy Krueger spider filled basements and attics and some still have hospital beds in the living room, Aww, one day we will be old too.

I hope ghosts don’t really exist, because I don’t know if the recently deceased might appreciate me hauling away their prized processions. I could be doomed. Oh, lawd.

You better hope you ate your wheaties before you visit one of these sales, cause you buy what you can carry in your little chicken arms and It pretty much never fails that the first thing I pick up is usually some big ass 100 lbs coat or a huge vase that I have to lug around for the rest of the sale. It is a big possibility that you might be lugging boxes out of a 1000 degree dark attic down 5 flights of stairs and unfortunately your car is 20 miles down the road. Good thing your adrenaline is in high gear at these things, it’s the thrill of the hunt, don’t do drugs, do estate sales instead # cleanliving.

You CAN go ahead and pay, load your car and then come back to the sale, but time is not on your side at these sales, cause while you’re loading your car, Sallie Mae buyer just scored that vintage pink coat in the other room, curses……darn you Sallie Mae’s of the world.

The Ugly~

Speaking of the other people at the sale, other buyers and sellers can sometimes be ugly and are a reality show just waiting to happen. Some of them are downright annoying, or is it me? PMS is a bitch.

There are the seasoned vintage sellers who know everyone and everything, the ebayer, the book guy, the guy looking for gold, the annoying husband and wife teams, the young girl with the basket, who looks like red riding hood and the old man looking for tools.

There is also the incredibly obnoxious lady wondering why she didn’t get a chance to look in the box before you picked up the whole thing and carried it away. The admirer, who’s following you around eyeballing everything you pick up and the lady who knocks you down as she speeds past you. I might have to trip her one of these days.

Then there are the Feshies as I call them, the professional companies hired to run a sale,  some of them are nice but I have found most to be generally unpleasant. They have their minions stalking you around from room to room watching  you like a hawk to make sure you don’t steal anything and that lady checking you out..why doesn’t she ever smile…its a mystery.

I get it, maybe there’s a criminal element that they all have dealt with in the past, but it ain’t me sister, so gimme a break.

 Estate SaleTips~

*Come first or come last,  sales are usually on Friday-Sunday, you may get the best score by coming first, but if you come last you get the best deal, typically everything is 1/2 off on the last day of the sale.

*Have a game plan, depending on what you’re looking for, if you’re looking for clothing, head toward the bedroom, if you want tools, head out to the garage first, if you want some soap from 100 years ago, head to the bathroom and so forth. {you sicko} Thank goodness, I have never seen any undergarments for sale. Seriously, they sell anything and everything at estate sales.

*Don’t forget to haggle, never hurts to ask.

*Be respectful of the items, don’t just toss it around like yesterday’s garbage.

*Bring cash

*Bring hand sani

*Bring a box or basket

*Make your own sticky notes that say “Sold” on them and stick them on things you absolutely can’t carry, make sure your really gonna buy it though before you put that sticky on it.

*Inspect it and Smell it, some stuff you can’t launder or air out

Each sale has a different vibe, you kinda don’t know how its gonna go till you get in there and dig around. Overall, these things are interesting and fun and  you just never know what in the world you will find.  Every sale that I have gone to I always find myself saying, at least once, “what in the heck is this”, cause I have no idea.

What’s your craziest estate sale experience, leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!

Also, if you wanna see some of my finds, visit my Etsy shop!



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