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Pretty Yourself Up With These!

25 Jun

 Yay!!! We are no limited to Spongebob, Sesame street, or Barbie for our boo boos, ladies.  We can now pretty them up with these fancy dancy designer band aids.  What will they think of next,  perhaps some Coach maxi pads, Versace Q-tips or Stylish Piggy toothpaste…YES, can’t wait for that one.

My husband knows what time it is when it comes to fashion.  I got a package in the mail the other day and it was this cool Stussy Speaker Ballet Tee that he picked out for me.  Awwwwww…

I love the back of this shirt, it’s a mirror image of the front. Perfect for Summer:)

And lastly,  I have been prettying my nails up alot lately with this fabulous polish! The name says it all and makes me laugh out loud. This is “Uh-Oh roll down the window” by O.P.I. Its like a baby poop green or the color that you turn when you’ve had too many martini’s.

Super pretty!

Don’t forget to pretty yourself up sometime…



Two Funky Summer Hairdos: Dip Dye and Bleach Bangs!

14 Jun

 It’s Summer…. why not put some funky in your hairdo!

#1 Dip Dye 

Check out my daughters dip dye job!

 Dip dying is in and I found that most people like to use SPLAT to do it.  We used the Pink Fetish kit. It comes with a bleach and a color. We skipped right over the bleach part and just put the dye straight on since her hair is already light.

I just put some dye in my (gloved) fingers and kinda pulled down on the tips, making sure it was well saturated and even. Don’t let this stuff touch anything that you don’t won’t permanently pink.  I left it on for about 20 minutes. Rinsed, shampooed…. instant cool!

The color turned out pretty and almost had a sparkly appearance.

(Warning: when you wash your hair use ole towels and be sure to dry the colored part before sittin’ on a couch or going to bed. The color rubs off a little when wet)

#2 Bleach Beach Bangs

I put a little beach in my bangs for the Summer!

My hair coloring journey started years back when a beauty salon chick (you know who you are) ruined my hair. I decided then and there if my hair is gettin’ ruined, I’m gonna be in control of it,  darn’it!

Now home bleaching can seem a little complicated and scary at first and requires a little research, some professional products and some trial and error.  YouTube chicks can serve as a great resource and somewhat of a guide for what you should and shouldn’t do.

Unfortunately, Bleach does do a little damage to your locks…the price you pay for beauty:)



You’re A Bumby….Just Not As Cool.

5 Jun

This is Jill and Gill Bumby. (not their real names)

A masked and mute hip duo traveling the party circuit with their typewriters giving brave patrons a “fair and honest appraisal of their appearance”.

 You wait in a line until it’s your turn, you stand there awkwardly while a disguised person looks you up and down and then starts typing like a mad person. I gotta tell ya, I just love, love, this.

It’s a prime example of someone taking something that already exists and tweaking it until it becomes creative money making genius.

We are all pretty much Bumby’s on a daily basis, aren’t we? Making our snap judgement of people with just a glance.  Although, in the Bumby’s case, they keep their poetic appraisals on a positive note and…they are completely fly.  Check The Bumby’s out in action.

Cool, good karma and a check…sign me up for a franchise.



Life in a Magazine Is like… Life on Another planet!

24 Apr

Darn magazines and their perfect lives…

You know the ones I’m talking about, the evil ones that lure you in with their beautiful models, picture perfect products and meticulously sculpted scenery all telling you that you will lead an inferior unhappy life if you don’t fill your home and your person with these fine products.

Back in the day, I used to fall for the hype… but now, not so much. I still love beautiful things, but here is an example why I can’t lead a “magazine life”.

Soft Surroundings magazine-they start reeling you in with just the name, who doesn’t wanna be surrounded with soft stuff, brilliant marketing;)

Exhibit 1- The incredible plush looking perfect magazine bed

This incredibly  beautiful lush lisette bedding costs about a $1000 bucks  and would last about a day at my house. Once it’s been slept on forget about it, the pillows… smushed, the bedspread… wrinkled. My daughter would have christened it with goldfish and other greasy snacks and it would have been given the once over by my dog, leaving a faint doggie smell.

Exhibit #2 Good Morning!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t look like this  when I wake up in the morning and eat my breakfast. My hair is crazy, I have mismatched pj’s with only one sock  and I’m stumbling around with one eye open searching for coffee and grumbling about getting up.

Exhibit #3 The ‘ole Beach scene

They always look so beautiful on the beach, don’t they. Well, I rarely look like this chick. The wind is usually blowing a hundred miles and hour, I am covered in sand, sunburned and my hair is usually in some sort of wet ball on top of my head.

Exhibit #4 The Outdoor Space

 I don’t know who this Robin person is, but they are pretty lucky to be drinking wine and taking a casual nap on this luxurious patio  daybed.  This set up is exclusively for magazine folk only.

 Oh Boy, let’s get dressed up in our finest $84 dollar linen shirt to go do some yard work.

Exhibit #5 The Un-Lived in Living room

This is the one they always reel me in on. The un-lived in living room. The showroom quality, no dust bunny, non-trashed, color coordinated, designer, no life,  standing room only living room.  Looks good on paper, ya’ll, but forget about it!

Hey…..wait a minute..I do like these terrace pants.  Something I can have but sadly I probably won’t cause these britches are $80 bucks. When they go on sale perhaps.

So there you have it…magazine life, a pretty perfect paper life that is pretty much unattainable.  Do we really want  it anyways, seems like a lot of trouble to me..LOL.  How bout you?



Come Shower With Me!

16 Apr

 Thought you might wanna come shower with me today and see what products that the piggy is currently using.

My sideThis is my side…

Yay… for two shower heads cause I like to scald myself in the shower and my husband likes his shower..well.. Artic.

So us country folk use well water,  which reeks havoc on my hair making it comparable to a tumbleweed, TANGLED and DRY. I am basically on a monthly shampoo search to restore my hair back to its former self.

Last month, I was using Suave Keratin Infusion shampoo and conditioner.

My 2 cents:

It’s just okay~ it made my hair feel smoothy and straight, but weighs it down. Caution: if you want to curl your hair with an iron or curlers,  it ain’t happening’ while using this stuff. It keeps ya straight. Probably won’t be buying this again.

This month I am using Pantene Aqua Light!

My 2 cents:

I am seriously diggin’ this stuff. It’s silicone free,  so it lathers up and the shampoo rinses off completely leaving my hair feeling light, clean and bouncy and it smells delightful.  I already have a bunch of minerals in my hair from my well, I don’t need shampoo residue too!  Also, my tangly hair is not  quite as tangly. Thumbs up! Will continue using this for awhile to see what happens, but this is very exciting!

I also use It’s a 10  leave in conditioner, out of the shower.

This stuff is pretty pricey, but I a desperate woman when it come to my rats nest. So I brush a couple of squirts of this stuff and it works great without leaving my hair greasy. Yep, it’s a Miracle!

I also have my L’oreal Sublime Bronze mist fake bake which I spray on when I wanna get my tan on and my Are You Feeling Fruity bath gel, gojiberry and grape, OMGosh, this Scottish beauty soap smells like a dream.

His Side

This is my hubby’s side, with his Old Spice Fiji wash, his loofah and his lever. “Old Spice” is the “New” spice people. This stuff makes your hubby smell like a man and I like it.

and of course, my daughters toys…we have toys hiding in every corner of our house.

So there you have it, this is where we get clean and what we use to do it!

Also, it’s day one of my hunger games diet and I’m feeling hungry already, so I’m off to a good start, how bout you?



Smell Sweet with Honey and Blackberry Hand Soap!

16 Mar

Honey and Blackberry Soap from The San Diego Soap Company

When we moved into our house last Summer, this soap just happened to be left behind in one of the bathrooms.  My first thought was Ooh la la…expensive soap and then once I used this soap my second thought was, MORE!!!

Well, it turns out that this soap isn’t expensive,  so I ordered a case of it and like the soap junkie I am, I got hooked. It has the most amazing smell and it makes my hands feel super soft.

I eventually ran out and didn’t order more for a while, until TODAY.  I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…no, no-no, I’m a bout to lose control and I think I like it!

You want good smellin’ hands? Well, this soap is on SALE right now for $2.99 a bottle at when you use coupon code ( GET25) at checkout.

Thank you San Diego Soap Company, your soap makes me sweet!



What I’ve been doing today instead of what I was supposed to be doing!

29 Feb

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, been doing a lot of stuff today, but instead of doing those things (cleaning my house, garage, car, exercising, thinking of my next great business idea) I was doing these things instead:

#1 Chalking My Hair:

Pastel Chalk from Wally World (Walmart)

What my locks looked like after I chalked them:)

Messy, Cool and Fun, Easily washes out…there you have it!

You wanna try it?

2# Obtained A New Beauty Product:

This is the new BB Cream from Garnier. I just found out that these blemish balm creams are all the rage. They are supposed to give your skin that flawless Asian girl look. BB creams claim to provide a light foundation without clogging pores,  a moisturizer, a concealer, Anti-aging ingredients,  and SPF all in one little ‘ole container.

I slapped some on today and seems to work pretty good so far, comes in two shades, light and medium. I got the medium.  Goes on pretty well and I like the look of it on my skin.  In my opinion, it’s not much of a concealer though. It doesn’t feel greasy.  I think it’s a great light feeling makeup for runnin’ around town.  I think I may try some different brands in the future to see how they compare to this one. These are some other ones I wanna try eventually, Skin79, Missha M, and Dr. Jart.

#3 Thrifting-

Goodwill Fabulous Asymmetrical Sequin Top

This top speaks for itself. It pink, shiny and asymmetrical. How can you go wrong for three bucks and some change? I’m telling you ladies if you haven’t thrifted before, your missing out.

#4 Playing the Uke:

Love this thing, got it for my birthday and I am addicted to it. I take it in the car with me. My  daughter got one for her birthday too. We have started a fabulous band called… “The Two Ukes” (very original) don’t steal that:)

So, anyhoo,I did go to the grocery store to get something for dinner, so I was not completely slack.

Cleaning, working out, thinking, etc…in the wise words of Scarlett O’Hara  “I will think about that tomorrow”!



Samples and Sluts: Birchbox, My Glam and Slutty Brownies

20 Feb


So first let’s talk about samples, beauty samples that is.

Have you heard about Birchbox and MyGlam, two new companies sending monthly beauty samples right to your little mailbox. You hit them with a 10 spot each month and they send you  4-5 samples that include anything from skin care and makeup to beauty tools and new products.

I signed up to each of the companies and this is what I got for February.

February Birchbox:

  • Glow and go Travel Puff  {LIKE}
  •  Eye Rock, stick on eyeliner {DIDN’T LIKE} having a sticker on your eyelid is just annoying
  •  Jouer, mini lip gloss {NUTTIN’ SPECIAL}
  •  Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy spray {LIKE}

Bonus gifts included a little Designer Fashion tape, so you don’t go around showing your boobies and a digital download by GreenRiver Ordinance

February  My Glam Bag:

  •  Dead Sea Mask {DIDN’T SAMPLE YET}
  • X Out Shine Control {LIKE}
  •  Nyx Roll On Simmer {LIKE} Full Size;)
  • Facial Hydration Mask{NUTTIN’ SPECIAL}

Bonus gifts included some chocolate squares and a gift card for

All and all this beauty sample thing is kinda cool, I like trying before I buy and I also like the idea of showering myself with monthly beauty treats and 10 bucks seems reasonable for what you get!

Now on to the Slutty part of this post…

When I was stumbling this morning, I saw this recipe for “Slutty Brownies” from the Londoner. I don’t know why but I love food with funny names and these things look so deliciously evil!

Brownie mix, cookie mix, Oreo’s and egg, apparently they’re very EASY,  if ya know what I mean…wink..wink:)

Click Here for recipe:

Now you can look beautiful while being slutty!




Girly Junk Of the Day: Moody Lips and Sparkly Eyes

19 Dec

This cool blue lip stick caught my attention while cruising the make-up isle at Rite Aid. It’s Jesse’s Girl Mood Changing Lipstick  and when you put it on your lips, it magically changes from blue to a purply-pinky pretty lip stain.  This stuff goes on really smooth and lasts a very long time.  This ain’t no mood ring for your lips, as the name would have you believe, but for the bargain price of $2.99 it a neat little product.  Thumbs up on the cute packaging!

I really wanna try Jesse’s Girl glitter liners next… I’ve been on a glitter kick lately, you know what they say about glitter, it’s like herpes…you can never get rid of it. Ain’t it the truth, but I don’t care. I like it!

I was also at the mall this weekend Christmas shopping and  I stopped into Sephora to give myself a mini makeover. OMG… Firefly from Too faced is the bomb! This shadow is so darn pretty with its glowey gold sparkles. The glitter is subtle though, not street-walker, which makes it wearable during the day.  My guilty conscience wouldn’t allow me to purchase it for $18.00, cause I was shopping for other folks, but I will have to purchase this little gold treasure in the near future.

 Go ahead and stuff your stocking…you’ve been good this year!



Wanna be a Villainess? I Do!

24 Aug

Don’t you just love the name, Villainess?  The folks at are “redefining bad” with their super catchy and creatively evil named soaps and sinister looking  natural skincare products.

I felt cool and creepy just by merely looking at this site and could not resist the temptation to immediately start filling my shopping cart with unique smelling exotic soaps. You know I love my soap!

So here’s what I’m gettin:

ANTIHERO for my husband

ANTIHERO ( characteristic Scent: Well-worn sweaty leather, the acrid smoke of cigarettes, and a soft side of honey and vanilla)


VILLAINESS (characteristic Scent:Our signature scent - all ball gowns and combat boots. Raw, smokey leather and sweet vanilla musk engulfed in a sheer haze of exotic florals - ylang, neroli, jasmine, lilac and tuberose)

If you need a unique gift for someone, check out their S.W.A.G,  gorgeous gift packaging!

Use promo code STYLISH15 from now until 9/2/11 at  to get %15 off your entire order. They also throw in (2) free samples and even though they’re Villainess,  they don’t harm any animals in the making of these products, bonus!

Beautiful Creepy Soap Rocks…



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