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Four Things

14 Jan

Four Things I’m Lovin’.

 Sorel Slimpack Riding Boot& Chromecast

Slimpack Boots-adore these distinct and stylish looking guys, very comfy after the struggle to get them over your cankels, hence the name “slimpack”. Size up, half a size, for a better fit.

Watching my favorite YouTubers on the big screen is super fun with Chromecast, it’s a bit shocking at first, because it feels like they are all up in your grill, but after you get used to it, it’s a hoot! Cast AWAY~


 Moroccan Mint Loose Leaf Tea from Teavana

It’s like swallowing spearmint gum without the associated guilt that it might clog up your guts for seven years.


Coconut Oil -buy it at any grocery store

Good for just about everything, use it for cooking, bringing life back into your crusty body parts, removing makeup and fixing your split ends.

Rule: {a little goes a long way}


What are you lovin’ today? {besides this blog post} lol



Lost and Found Smells… Le Couvent Des Minimes Honey and Shea!

1 May

Two years ago, I wrote a blog post about a hand soap that I had a serious obsession with, San Diego Soap Companies, Honey and Blackberry soap.


I kept a big stash of it in my house at all times, until “D-day” arrived. Discontinued!! Are you freaking kidding me!

I swear I have been combing Ebay on a daily basis since that time to try and find ANY and ALL remaining bottles of this stuff left on the planet earth. I have yet to find any, by the way.

I thought all hope was lost and I would frequently go around smelling every product that had the word “Honey” in it, hoping to catch even a glimpse of anything that smelled remotely close to my beloved soap.

Let me tell, my perseverance finally paid off my friends…

Allow me to introduce you to Le Couvent Des Minimes Nourishing Hand Cream Honey & Shea

This French hand cream is almost an EXACT smell match for my soap.


300Its hard to describe smells but it has a “very distinct” slightly sweet but not overpowering smell of real honey. Its not super greasy and makes your hands feel super smoothified. The only thing I don’t like about this cream is that I look like a weirdo when I wear it, cause I keep sniffing my hands. Oh well, why be normal.

For those of you who had been asking me if I knew where to get the Honey and Blackberry soap, try this and see if it jogs the ‘ole memory.  You can buy it at Ulta and online. Its a little on the pricey side for a small tube,  but your nose will thank you.

Honey= Happy




2014: Interesting Already!

16 Feb

2014, we are two months in and you are interesting already~

I turned 40 and it feels just like 39…except for a couple of new gray hairs.


I got a mini pony, his name is Tater. Every morning, when he sees me coming out of the house, he gallops across the pasture to say “Hi” and also to find out if I have a carrot in my pocket. He is a noble steed.


I finally got a vintage sofa. It has pink and white stripes and carved roses. What else do I need to say.


I made candy glass for a Frozen birthday cake for my daughter without a candy thermometer and it turned out PERFECT and I didn’t burn off any skin with the 300 degree sugar. Will never be able to repeat that victory.

candy glass

I  also made a Rodarte celestial hair clip, now I can pretend to be a supermodel! You can buy an original for $600.00 or make one for $10.00. Your choice.


 Might I suggest the cheaper route, here’s what you need :photo-821

 Small and large stars, a hair clip or comb, gold wire, and some gold spray paint. There are some videos and tutorials out there, just Google DIY Rodarte Clip, but I kinda just winged it when I did mine.

Spray paint your stars , cut long pieces of wire, alternate wrapping the wire around large and small stars,attach to hair clip or comb in whatever way looks good to you. Easy peezy and super chic!

Got some awesome gold Art Craft cat eyeglasses from the 50s. Just need to have my prescrip put in them and I will be able to see T.V. again.


We just had a freakish ice storm, followed by days of power loss and then we had an earthquake. Which one of you slapped a curse on S.C. {fess up now and we’ll go easy on ya}. I almost burnt my house down trying to cook in my fireplace. I don’t like pioneering.

Besides my normal mama and wife duties, I’ve also been standing out in the freezing cold at Estate Sales treasure hunting for my Etsy shop. Fun Stuff. 

Things I’ve recently purchased:


Bacon tee from Old Navy, bracelet from Dillards, fancy shirt from one of those stores at the mall that you never bothered to know the name of ???? and some root concealer from Sephora, you did see that I turned 40, this stuff works, sister.

Latest food addiction:

Candied bacon, I think I had a dream about it. Good thing I have associated guilt with my bacon consumption or I’d be a real porker. {haha} Yes, I went there.

I have yet to start the healthy eating phase of 2014.

Its gonna be a good year.

How’s it going for you?



Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume…Well, What Is It?

14 May

JUL015I got this lovely and  sassy little Euro fragrance for Mother’s day. It is Juliette Has a Gun’s, Not a Perfume. It is a European product but you can pick it up on Amazon for about $85 bucks.

It’s technically “not” a perfume as it only uses one single synthetic molecule and some alcohol to provide its fragrance.

This molecule is Ambroxan, created in a lab in the 1950’s to replace naturally occuring Ambergris.

 What the heck is Ambergris?

Ambergris is an interesting substance. Sometimes referred to as “Floating Gold”, this rare stuff  was sought out by early perfumers who were lucky enough to be able to afford it. Ambergris is tarry secretion that is produced in the digestive tract of the sperm whale. After a sperm whale dies the secretions continue to float along aimlessly until they eventually reach the shore.

 I just wonder who that first guy was to discover one of these little balls of tar, when casually strolling along the shore. I can hear him now.” Gee, here is some black tarry stuff, wonder if I could sell this to people who wanna smell like whale turds. Kudos to this chap for his entreprenurial spirit!

 Luckily, today we have scientists who came up with a more sanitary version of  Ambergris and so Ambroxan was born.

What exactly does Ambroxan smell like? Well, when I first spray it on, it’s sharp and smells strong of rubbing alcohol. Ten minutes later something beautiful starts to happen. The smell evolves into a very distinct SEXY, musky, ambery, woodsy, sophisticated fragrance that is just


 In short, It smells like a high end retail shop and I likes it.

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Step Off…Crypt Keeper: Stay Young With Boots No 7.

6 May

The Crypt Keeper is creeping onto my face. {dang him}

Even though I’m almost 40, I’m still WAY too young to start lookin’ like the dang Crypt Keeper. That’s why I got me some Boots.

Boots No.7


This little serum is all the rage in the UK and is known to be their number ONE anti-aging product. Its suppose to be clinically proven to improve wrinkles and fine lines.The active ingredient in this creme are peptides, which are supposed to signal production of new collagen.

IMHO {in my honest opinion}

Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum is pretty darn great!

I have been using Boots for about a month, morning and at night and have noticed a significant difference in my skin.

It appears smoother, healthier looking and I feel like it has minimized my lines a little and reduced acne. I just feel like I don’t look as tired as I did before.

I picked up Boots at Ulta, but you can also get it at Target or online. It will run you about 25 bucks. We all have different skin care needs, but for the price, it might be a great addition to your skin care regimen.

{keep smiling}



Fun Friday! Learn A New Hair Style and Flip Some Flops!

5 Apr

Ready to have some fun today?

Try this fishtail braid hairdo from caitbarker, so cute!

Get crafty and ready for Spring with this DIY Gladiator flip flop tutorial from Michaels!


Cut plastic tops off of the flip flop. Discard.

Cut a 1″x2½’ T-shirt strip and pull on it to make a string.

Tie the two end strips together and push through the toe hole. Tie a knot that sits on the bottom of the shoe. Push up into the hole and reinforce with Weldbond® glue.

Take the long strings and push down the back holes. Tie a knot on the bottom of the shoe and push the remaining string to the top. Reinforce the knot in the hole with Weldbond® glue.

The remaining T-shirt string will be wrapped around the ankle in front, back and tied in front.

Use a small piece of T-shirt string to tie a bow on the top of the sandal close to the toe area.

Now your looking cute, have a good weekend!!!



Want Long AND Short Hair? Get Luxy Extensions!

22 Mar

Short hair today, long hair tomorrow, you have got to try Luxy Hair!

These hair extensions are my new obsession and I have to say the name really does say it all. They are  positively LUXURIOUS.

They have three different sets to choose from, one for thinner hair, one for medium hair and one for thicker hair. I bought the 160 Gram medium hair set for $149 bucks.  This set comes with different 10 wefts of hair that you clip in.

They arrived quickly and I have to say I was impressed. They come straight and when you curl them, they really get super full. This is real hair, so you can basically treat them as such… curl, wash, brush, whatever you do with your mop. They felt secure when in and I didn’t get a headache from wearing them, although it feels a little weird when you first clip them in.

Hold on now sister, don’t get nervous, Luxy has some video tutorials on their site that show you how exactly how to clip them in and take care of them.

These are my first set of extensions and I couldn’t be happier, my husband calls me his “little mermaid” when I have them in!

 You never  have to worry again about chopping your hair off, cause you can just slap this bad ass weave in anytime you like. To whomever invented these, I thank you.

Most importantly, these things just make me feel pretty!

 Without Extensions



With Extensions

Photo on 3-15-13 at 9.53 AM #3

Photo on 2-3-13 at 12.00 PM #5




Get Inspired for Halloween: House Tour and Cool Costume Ideas!

2 Oct

 New! 2012 Halloween House Tour

(3 mins)

Also check out previous years…



{Costume Ideas}

Disturbing Clown

Day Of the Dead

The Undead

Living Doll

Got some inspiration or questions for me… leave me a comment:)

Have a great month of spooky fun!



Fresh Friday: Metro Mint Spearmint Water and A Razor Cut

6 Jul

I’m keeping it fresh this Friday by drinking my favorite all time water, Metro Mint Spearmint water,  which I have tried to make myself by putting mint in a bottled water, it just ain’t the same though. Apparently, the good people at Metro Mint are sprinkling a little crack in theirs.

I’m also freshening up my do, with a little razor cut, what ya think? Except, I’m gonna keep my bangs longer. I love the piecy layers on the bottom.

stay fresh, yo….



Tadaa!!! Razor cut= Instant edge!

Well Water DreadLocks… Get Rid of Them!

26 Jun


We have been living in our current house for about a year now and have a well.  When we first moved in my hair started coming out in handfuls and the hair that was left starting to turn into a serious case of dreadlocks. Don’t get me wrong, dreadlocks are cool, but I don’t happen to be in the Rastafarian mood at this moment.

After many hours, days and months of internet research,  I started trying every conditioner known to man and was just shy of sleeping with a bucket of Crisco on my head.  As a last resort, we called a water filtration company who came out and gave us an estimate for $5000.00 and that “MIGHT” fix our problem.  Needless to say, we did not go that route.

The next time I went to the store, I picked up a couple of jugs of distilled water and put them in my shower. With my next shower, I washed my hair and then did a final rinse with the shockingly cold ass distilled water. I got out of the shower and OMGosh…. could this be true….brushed my wet hair! It couldn’t be this easy could it, after 6 months of conditioning experiments and woe.  Well, it turns out that it was just that simple.

I now give my hair a little rinse with the distilled water after each wash and I am happy to be dreadlock free.

Now I don’t have to go out and buy a Rasta hat to keep my locks in and now you don’t have to either!

(although you would look smashin’ in one of those mon…lol)



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