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Eat Slow…Cause That’s All You’re Gittin’!

30 Jul

photo-346It’s Summer and I have been a fast foodin’, cake eatin’, vacation food bingin’, snack eatin’ fool!

Good Grief, I feel ill just thinking about all the greasy MacDonald’s hash browns I have consumed in the last couple of months.

So I got back from a mountain vacation last Monday and decided that I didn’t want to be in constant stomach misery any longer.

I start making out a food list, I get so tired of grocery shopping, are you with me ladies? I’m the kinda person who likes to eat something new and exciting everyday and that makes meal planning a real pain in my butt and diet meal planning is even worse cause you have to try to make the smallest portion size you can or you’ll just go crazy and go back in for THIRDS.

So back to the list, let me see, make it easy….Aha! frozen foods {already pre-portioned} Eureka!

The only problem with frozen foods is that they are generally disgusting, but hey, can’t have it all now can we.

I travel on over to the organic section to see whats cookin’. I grab up some Amy’s, a little Kashi, some Morning Star Bean Burgers.


Last night was our first eat less dinner night and my husband walks in the door and practically screams “Dinner”!  Apparently, that half a peanut butter sandwich, an apple and a gallon of water he had for lunch wasn’t very filling.

He picks out a frozen dinner, I pick out a frozen dinner, we fight over which one is putting it in the microwave first,  he won by the way,  what happened to ladies first, man. Little does he know, I took his out before the timer went off. Paybacks.

I make a salad and we sit down to eat our little miniature meals.

He finishes his in record time and I turn and say to him, Eat Slow, cause that’s all your gittin’!

Small portions might be similar to a death sentence, I’m not sure yet. LOL

Am I right, let me know!



What NOT To Get Wednesday!

17 Jul

Wanna know what not to buy today? Pier 33 Gourmet Lanostino Lobster Tails from Publix, that’s what.


Langostinos are imported from Chile and look like little lobsters. They are commonly “referred”  to as squat lobsters.


They in fact are not lobsters, not shrimp, not crayfish, they are just ugly little Crustaceans that people try an pass off as Lobster.

So I fell for the hype, when I saw these at Publix and they were on sale. I immediately see an image of a tasty lobster roll in my future.

I hooked those langostino’s up with a little mayo, little lemon, little green onion, salt and pepper. I toast my fresh rolls. I plate it up…..

I take a BIG bite.

Holy Cow, that is Fishy, with a capital F! Literally, I almost couldn’t swallow. Even my husband wouldn’t eat it and he doesn’t waste food. We ended up with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner and a nasty aftertaste for the evening.

Next time, I’ll spring for the real deal.

Just cause they say it’s lobster, don’t mean it is. I think they should change the name to hermit crab tails, that would be more like it;) ew.



I Guess I’m Vintage.

9 Jul


Well, I’m 20 years and older, so I guess that makes me “Vintage”. That’s okay with me, I just happen to love vintage stuff.

I love practically anything old, OKAY, except for old food, old dirty socks and old ear wax. GROSS.

I have been collecting vintage stuff for a while, so I thought I would open myself up a little Etsy shop, so I can share some of my vintage finds with you all.


You can visit me now! Go here now for great vintage swag… 

DSC_0242 DSC_0267

Check out this cute little vintage shirt from the 70s by Bobbie Brooks, I was wearing it for this little impromptu farm photo shoot. It’s for sale in my shop,  snap it up before someone else!


If you like my shop, share it, tweet it,smell it, facebook it, call your Momma and tell her and tell her to call her friends and tell them! Tell ‘um to look for StylishPiggy on Etsy!

Also, my dog would like to mesmerize you with her cuteness.

IMG_5620Are you mesmerized?

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