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Room Makeover, Vintage Score and A Sweet Summer Surprise

24 Jun

White Minimalist Beauty {Room re-do}

My daughter had been wanting a white room for some time, so this is what I came up with for her!



I took the top off her old desk,  distressed the legs and up cycled an old wood palate that I had in the garage to make a new shabby chic top.



Clothes Line for Artphoto-65


Ravelo hanging chair from Amazon and Ikea Wall Mirror that I white washed and  then added lights


Shag rug is actually (6) smaller rugs from Walmart that I just placed together, that way if something gets spilled on them, they can easily just be tossed in the wash individually!


She loves to make movies, so this vintage movie screen that I thrifted was just the thing to complete the look.

This room is now a peaceful little white sanctuary. I may have to move in. {if she will let me}

{Vintage Score}


Check out the vintage bombshell  high-waisted suit I scored at the Goodwill. So stinkin’ Fabulous!

{Foraged Wild Blackberries}

photo-77As we were taking our golf cart for a little stroll this weekend, we came upon a sea of wild blackberry bushes. OMG, free organic food  is so rad!

What a sweet  summer surprise:)

{News Flash}

My Etsy shop is now open, all kinds of vintage goodies to be had…check it out!  




Epic Fail While Becoming A Fudge Boss

10 Jun


Growing up, my Dad would always make homemade fudge. I’d say when I grow up, I’m gonna make fudge too.

Well, when I grew up, I tried to make fudge and I tried to make fudge, and I tried to make fudge about 100 times and guess what, it never turned out. EVER.

I always ended up with too runny fudge, hard as a brick fudge, can’t even distinguish what this is fudge and  you almost did it but not quite fudge. Looking back, I guess I probably could have used a candy thermometer and had much better luck, but my Dad never used a fancy smancy thermometer. He just worked it out like a “BOSS”.

This last weekend, I finally tasted sweet victory. I made “THE” fudge and it was exactly as it was when I was a kid. OMG!!!!

So during this fudge making process, my fudge started boiling over. Well, hell would have frozen over before I was gonna stop stirring. Cause you know the number one golden rule of fudge making is never stop stirring!!!

I’m stirring like a mad man and all the while that 4000 degree  sugar concoction was burning onto my stove top. My house was so smokey that I should have been wearing a respirator, did I stop stirring. Absolutely not.

So after the fudge making was over I immediately called my Dad and proclaimed my triumph and told him I would personally deliver him a sample right away.

After the goods were delivered, I promptly came back to clean up the disaster area known as my kitchen.

Here’s where the epic fail comes in, are you ready?

The entire burner was covered in what looked like volcanic rock and after an hour of scrubbing and using every cleaning product in my cabinet,  I finally got it to where I could see the actual burner.

Ut Oh, this don’t look right, these indentions are definitely not supposed to be there.  I found out that these indentions are called “pitting” and it’s what happens when you ignore burning sugar on a ceramic stove top.

Alas, it cannot be repaired. Epic fail.


If you too want to taste sweet victory and you feel an urgent need for fudge, follow the recipe below, but if you didn’t read the entire post and end up burning your stove top into an oblivion,  I never gave you this recipe and I don’t know you.

Dad’s Fudge

2 cups sugar

4 Tablespoons unsweetened Hershey’s Cocoa

1 cup milk

1 Tablespoon peanut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

Combine your sugar, cocoa and milk in a saucepan {a very tall one, so your fudge can’t escape} on a medium to high heat start stirring the mixture until your reach a boil.

Stir, stir, stir, keep stirring until its VERY bubbly and when you can start to see the bottom of the pan while stirring and the mixture starts coating the back of the spoon, drop a few drops in a glass of cold water and see if balls up.

If it doesn’t ball up, keep stirring and testing.

When it finally balls up in the cold water, take your fudge off the heat,  stir in the vanilla and peanut butter and pour immediately onto a buttered plate.

You have to work fast now. You will know if it’s gonna turn out right, cause it starts to set up almost instantly when poured on the plate.

Cut into squares and enjoy your fudge. You are now a fudge Boss, congratulations!



Louis Vuitton Checkerboard: Get the Look For Less!

7 Jun

 It was as all about the checkerboard pattern at Louis Vuitton’s latest show for Spring/Summer 2013.


So yesterday when I was browsing the dresses at the ‘ole thrift store, I came upon this fabulous dress! Look at that checkerboard my little  trendy chickens. Its as if Louis himself made this number. {of course, he didn’t}


 Super bright color pops, vibrant flowers, goddess motif and of course the Louis Vuitton inspired checkerboard  pattern on the sides.

 You may be thinking, my gosh there is a lot going on with this sucker. Well,  you’re right, but that’s exactly what I like about it. It’s trendy with a little unique flair thrown in for fun. Don’t be scared of the flair, girl!

The best part was of course the price $3.50.


Sometimes finding interesting items at the thrift can be a little overwhelming.

{Here’s a tip}

When looking through the packed in racks, first take a quick scan for interesting shapes, textures or patterns to see if anything catches your eye, it’s a huge time saver.

Good Luck on your quest for checkerboard, thank goodness, it’s an easy spot.



I Want My Monkey, Cracker Jack!

5 Jun

photo-57So in the grocery store this week,  I came upon an end cap full of Cracker Jacks.  OoooH, there’s a prize inside! It says it right there on the box, it’s highlighted in fact inside a red and yellow star. “Well, I got to get some of those vintagy good foodie treats, I say to myself”! I picked up a three pack and went on my merry way.

Today, when my appetite was poking at me,  I head  on over to the pantry for a snack and there they are, Cracker Jacks, just screaming to be eaten and oh, there is a prize inside. Zipideedooda!

Well this prize can’t be too good, it’s flat.  Why look,  it’s a Louisville Slugger sticker and they want me to visit their website so I can enter my name in a drawing. Lucky me, an advertisement cleverly disguised as a prize.


They also say that I can go to crackerjack and download some games. Well, that’s all fine and good, but I didn’t sign up for a digital prize, I signed up for a little nostalgic Cracker Jacks and a two-cent chatchkee.  How bout a plastic monkey, a whistle or even a good joke. I’ll take any of those. C’mon Man!

Well, I also opened a second box of Jacks to see if my monkey was in there and of course he wasn’t. It was that same sticker/advertisement. Who can guess what the prize is in the third box?

I am however very happy to report that the caramel coated popcorn and peanuts were in fact delicious. Cracker Jack is owned by Frito Lay and I know they have more money than Oprah, so just throw in the monkey next time! Thank you and good day.

Have you been on a recent food rant? Let me know!

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