Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume…Well, What Is It?

14 May

JUL015I got this lovely and  sassy little Euro fragrance for Mother’s day. It is Juliette Has a Gun’s, Not a Perfume. It is a European product but you can pick it up on Amazon for about $85 bucks.

It’s technically “not” a perfume as it only uses one single synthetic molecule and some alcohol to provide its fragrance.

This molecule is Ambroxan, created in a lab in the 1950’s to replace naturally occuring Ambergris.

 What the heck is Ambergris?

Ambergris is an interesting substance. Sometimes referred to as “Floating Gold”, this rare stuff  was sought out by early perfumers who were lucky enough to be able to afford it. Ambergris is tarry secretion that is produced in the digestive tract of the sperm whale. After a sperm whale dies the secretions continue to float along aimlessly until they eventually reach the shore.

 I just wonder who that first guy was to discover one of these little balls of tar, when casually strolling along the shore. I can hear him now.” Gee, here is some black tarry stuff, wonder if I could sell this to people who wanna smell like whale turds. Kudos to this chap for his entreprenurial spirit!

 Luckily, today we have scientists who came up with a more sanitary version of  Ambergris and so Ambroxan was born.

What exactly does Ambroxan smell like? Well, when I first spray it on, it’s sharp and smells strong of rubbing alcohol. Ten minutes later something beautiful starts to happen. The smell evolves into a very distinct SEXY, musky, ambery, woodsy, sophisticated fragrance that is just


 In short, It smells like a high end retail shop and I likes it.

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