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Crafty Ideas from the People of the Interwebs

29 May

The people of the interwebs are so darn crafty!

Here’s a couple of ideas, I thought would be fun to DIY.

Tulle Socks


I’m a girl and I love anything with tulle and these tulle socks from Shinetrimblog are just righteous!  If you can sew a little you can make yourself a pair of these bad boys. Click here for the tutorial.

Chain Headband

6889669640_8e864295ae_oYou could totally rock this chain headband from the love Meagan blog, stand out at the beach or an outdoor concert. Yep.  Click here to see how to do it.

Back Love (Heart Cut Tee)


  Simple heart cut out tee from the made in pretoria blog. This would be real cute over your swimsuit and it takes about 5 minutes to make. Click here  to make yourself one.

Graffiti Lampshade


I love, love this idea. It comes from the chick at alittle glass box blog. She wrote a letter to her son on a piece of linen material and then covered a lampshade with it for his room. This is a super cool idea for a kids room or nursery.  Would also be awesome  for an Anniversary present, Valentines day, a newly married couple setting up house or your boyfriend. You could write your vows on it, your favorite poem, a love letter or any ole thing you feel like. Beautiful.

“ideas come from everything”

-Alfred Hitchcock

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Juliette Has A Gun: Not A Perfume…Well, What Is It?

14 May

JUL015I got this lovely and  sassy little Euro fragrance for Mother’s day. It is Juliette Has a Gun’s, Not a Perfume. It is a European product but you can pick it up on Amazon for about $85 bucks.

It’s technically “not” a perfume as it only uses one single synthetic molecule and some alcohol to provide its fragrance.

This molecule is Ambroxan, created in a lab in the 1950’s to replace naturally occuring Ambergris.

 What the heck is Ambergris?

Ambergris is an interesting substance. Sometimes referred to as “Floating Gold”, this rare stuff  was sought out by early perfumers who were lucky enough to be able to afford it. Ambergris is tarry secretion that is produced in the digestive tract of the sperm whale. After a sperm whale dies the secretions continue to float along aimlessly until they eventually reach the shore.

 I just wonder who that first guy was to discover one of these little balls of tar, when casually strolling along the shore. I can hear him now.” Gee, here is some black tarry stuff, wonder if I could sell this to people who wanna smell like whale turds. Kudos to this chap for his entreprenurial spirit!

 Luckily, today we have scientists who came up with a more sanitary version of  Ambergris and so Ambroxan was born.

What exactly does Ambroxan smell like? Well, when I first spray it on, it’s sharp and smells strong of rubbing alcohol. Ten minutes later something beautiful starts to happen. The smell evolves into a very distinct SEXY, musky, ambery, woodsy, sophisticated fragrance that is just


 In short, It smells like a high end retail shop and I likes it.

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Style Monday: Stripes, Caps, Lamps and Foodie Word of the Day

13 May



Stripes are in, Sister! Check out this cute and easy DIY Mod tee courtesy of Sprinkles in Springs blog. This tee would be perfect for Summer.



How cute is this bathing cap?  Picture yourself  doing one of those sideways dives into a pool or just looking retro chic at the beach. Yes, putting this on must haves list for Summer.


I was so excited to see these when thrifting. These are mid-century Hollywood Regency Style lamps. They are super tall and have the original shades and brass feet. OMG!


This is how I styled them in my dining


They are just too gorge, you can light the top and bottom together or just the top or the bottom

You just never know what you will find out there, so get out there and thrift!

 Today’s Foodie Word

{ The French phrase amuse-bouche literally means “something to please the mouth,” and both refer to an appetizer or pre-meal tidbit.}

Next time you have people over, now you can serve them up an “Amuse-Bouche” which will certainly demonstrate just how fancy you really are!



Step Off…Crypt Keeper: Stay Young With Boots No 7.

6 May

The Crypt Keeper is creeping onto my face. {dang him}

Even though I’m almost 40, I’m still WAY too young to start lookin’ like the dang Crypt Keeper. That’s why I got me some Boots.

Boots No.7


This little serum is all the rage in the UK and is known to be their number ONE anti-aging product. Its suppose to be clinically proven to improve wrinkles and fine lines.The active ingredient in this creme are peptides, which are supposed to signal production of new collagen.

IMHO {in my honest opinion}

Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum is pretty darn great!

I have been using Boots for about a month, morning and at night and have noticed a significant difference in my skin.

It appears smoother, healthier looking and I feel like it has minimized my lines a little and reduced acne. I just feel like I don’t look as tired as I did before.

I picked up Boots at Ulta, but you can also get it at Target or online. It will run you about 25 bucks. We all have different skin care needs, but for the price, it might be a great addition to your skin care regimen.

{keep smiling}



Wanna Buy Somethin’ or Make Somethin’ Today?

1 May

{Buy Something}

Gojane Comic Tee $19.50


Urban Outfitters Girls Gone Mild Tee $59.00


Cotton On Here and Now Muscle Tee $14.95


Schwings! Wings for your shoes $8.50


{Make Somethin’}

Doily Lamp

pic 567

Tutorial here

Metallic Shorts


Tutorial Here

Okay then, get busy and have a fabulous day!!

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