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She Is My Idol.

29 Apr

{idol-A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved, or revered.}

I admire her, love her and I’m so proud to call her my daughter.

2013 Prep Idol Winner

2013 Junior Prep Idol Winner!



In A Crazy World, Spread Kindness.

23 Apr

 I was inspired to spread a little love around today. Here’s a little video I made featuring my sweet little girl singing. Hope you get inspired too.

-spread kindness-


The Good ‘Ole South: BBQ and Benne Wafers

16 Apr

Nothing Says The South, Like BBQ and Benne


Had some tasty food treats down in Charleston this weekend, here’s the scoop~


600x600_1298568961224-FlyingPigRGBJim ‘N Nicks BBQ Charleston SC

Cheese Biscuits


I am not sure how to feel about these cheese biscuits, is this a cupcake or a biscuit… not exactly sure, but its sweet and savory good.

Brisket Sandwich, potato salad and fried green tomatoes

I just love it when you have a meal and “everything” is just awesome. The brisket was smokey and tender, the potato salad had just the right amount of mustard and pickles and the fried green tomatoes were flavorful and grease-less.  My goodness, now I’m hungry.


Benne Wafers, Charleston Market


I’m eating these as I write this post.

Unique to Charleston since Colonial times, Benne (the Bantu word for sesame) was brought to America from East Africa in the 17th century during the slave trade era.

Sugary, nutty goodness in a bag. You can order these online from Market Street Munchies or make your own.



Fun Friday! Learn A New Hair Style and Flip Some Flops!

5 Apr

Ready to have some fun today?

Try this fishtail braid hairdo from caitbarker, so cute!

Get crafty and ready for Spring with this DIY Gladiator flip flop tutorial from Michaels!


Cut plastic tops off of the flip flop. Discard.

Cut a 1″x2½’ T-shirt strip and pull on it to make a string.

Tie the two end strips together and push through the toe hole. Tie a knot that sits on the bottom of the shoe. Push up into the hole and reinforce with Weldbond® glue.

Take the long strings and push down the back holes. Tie a knot on the bottom of the shoe and push the remaining string to the top. Reinforce the knot in the hole with Weldbond® glue.

The remaining T-shirt string will be wrapped around the ankle in front, back and tied in front.

Use a small piece of T-shirt string to tie a bow on the top of the sandal close to the toe area.

Now your looking cute, have a good weekend!!!



Vintage Wednesday

3 Apr

Vintage: originating from a previous era. I would like to originate from a previous era, except for the fact that I would be incredibly old right now. never mind.

Vintage Clothing Finds


Vintage hat from Mema Had One. Love this vintage store.

photo-26Pink vintage number from Goodwill $5.50

photo-27This dress looks to be handmade. Love the beadwork!

photo-32Off White dress from Goodwill, handmade by the same person who did the pink one $5.50

photo-31Beautiful beadwork

photo-2850’s dress made by R & K Originals from a church thrift $9.99

photo-29Beautiful details



High waisted Guess Swimsuit from TJMAX $24.99

Unique Vintage also has some fantastic vintage style high-waisted suits.

Vintage Food Find


 I used to eat these all the time as a kid and grabbed some up the other day. This weird candy is made from a European wildflower that is part of the mint family. Its a strange flavor to say the least. Coated in sugar,  it has a sweet taste and then a bitter one. It’s one of those love it or hate it things. I like it.

It’s good for a sore throat and is known to have some medicinal qualities, although it is said to be an appetite stimulant (watch out now)and apparently you shouldn’t eat it if your preggers.

If you ever wanna try something unique…have some Horehound. Its also very fun to say fast 10 times.

Random Food word of the day: Bechamel

Had this tasty little french gravy on my croque-monsieur sandwich the other day at Manuel’s bread cafe. Fancy.


Have a fantastical day!



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