Want Long AND Short Hair? Get Luxy Extensions!

22 Mar

Short hair today, long hair tomorrow, you have got to try Luxy Hair!

These hair extensions are my new obsession and I have to say the name really does say it all. They are  positively LUXURIOUS.

They have three different sets to choose from, one for thinner hair, one for medium hair and one for thicker hair. I bought the 160 Gram medium hair set for $149 bucks.  This set comes with different 10 wefts of hair that you clip in.

They arrived quickly and I have to say I was impressed. They come straight and when you curl them, they really get super full. This is real hair, so you can basically treat them as such… curl, wash, brush, whatever you do with your mop. They felt secure when in and I didn’t get a headache from wearing them, although it feels a little weird when you first clip them in.

Hold on now sister, don’t get nervous, Luxy has some video tutorials on their site that show you how exactly how to clip them in and take care of them.

These are my first set of extensions and I couldn’t be happier, my husband calls me his “little mermaid” when I have them in!

 You never  have to worry again about chopping your hair off, cause you can just slap this bad ass weave in anytime you like. To whomever invented these, I thank you.

Most importantly, these things just make me feel pretty!

 Without Extensions



With Extensions

Photo on 3-15-13 at 9.53 AM #3

Photo on 2-3-13 at 12.00 PM #5




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