Real Food and Weekend Haul!

22 Jan


My scale finally says its time to lay off the fast food and cakes again and eat some real food. I’m ready! I am also starting a Zumba class this evening,  I hope they don’t wound me.

So as far as food goes, I’m gonna do the lose it app again, it’s very helpful in tracking your intake.  Also, I thought this time I would just post what my dinner menus look like in case you were dieting and you can’t think of anything for dinner.

This week:

T- Tomato, Cucumber and Onion sandwich on Ezekiel Bread w/fruit

W-Buffalo chicken lettuce wraps w/fruit

T-Stuffed Pepper w/salad

F– I dunno yet.

I also am trying Kefir, the “Champagne of Yogurts”! (Fancy)



Kefir is a probiotic drink that is supposed to have an infinite number of powerful health benefits. Its tastes pretty good, it’s thick and a little tangy. I was a little nervous about trying it. I don’t really dig yogurt too much, but for some reason I wanted to keep drinking this stuff.  You can also pour it over fruit or cereal. Mmmmm…

 Now On to the Haul….

Flower phone cover from Charlotte Russe $5.99

I love this so much;)


Flower top Forever 21 $17.99

Lace Dress Charlotte Russe $10.00photo-11

Charlotte Russe Sheer Beaded top $5.00

Vertical Black and white Stripe legging Body Central $11.99


 That is all, over and out.



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