Mad Food Science: Crunchwraps and Chinese Pizza Pockets

15 Jan


Taco Bell CrunchWrap

My newest obsession. I love them and I am disgusted by them all at the same time. Lets face it folks “Taco Meat Filler” just  isn’t that appealing. How bout we make our own crunchwrap at home, so we know what the hecks in them!

Here’s a recipe from Culinary Couture that shows you how it’s done!

Crunch away…..

Update: Yep, better than the real thing!



Chinese Pizza Pocket


I was also inspired recently by this Chinese pizza I saw on the food channel.  I went searching for a recipe  for  a Chinese pizza and found these jokers. They are making this crazy ass pizza, but they inspired me to come up with my own version of a Chinese Pizza pocket. Mine won’t be nearly as funny but it might be cool and tasty. We shall see.

The Plan:

I am gonna need Chinese food from a restaurant. I am gonna try sweet and sour chicken, vegetable low mein and  a couple of egg rolls and some box pizza crust.

What I’m gonna to attempt to do:


Make my crust according to instructions. Take my Chinese food and put it on one side of the crust, fold the other side of the crust over the food and seal it up to make a pocket. Bake it, drizzle it with sweet and sour sauce. Eat it.


Update: thumbs down on the Chinese Pizza pocket. Looks cool, tastes bad.


You may need a Tums after both of these experiments.

I swear and I am going to start eating healthier….maybe next week.


stylishpiggy aka mad food scientist

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