Who Wants a Bread Bar? Raise Your Hand!

8 Jan


Bread and pastry

It’s the new year, 2013!  I’ve been piggin’ out since Thanksgiving and not feeling too awful bad about it and of course like most was planning on starting this new year with some healthier food choices and some serious working out.

Welp, it ain’t happenin’, not yet anyways. I go to the store with good intentions and come out with baguettes and chocolate bars.

This is just terrible to admit but I’m asking for a bread bar for my February birthday. This bread bar would consist of every kind of bread you can imagine with several different sauces, soups and condiments for me to dip the bread into.  Bread is just the most delicious thing on the planet and if I was stranded on a deserted island and could have one thing, bread it would be.

 Apparently, my pants aren’t tight enough just yet, cause this is crazy talk!

Do you want a bread bar for your birthday?



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