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Beanies and Why I Love Them!

11 Sep

Oh, how I love a beanie…

Beanies give you an instant fashion edge-

Slap a beanie on and you feel like you’re an urban genius. When I wear a beanie, say to the grocery store,   It’s like I have my “cool” disguise on.  No, it’s not ME, that middle-aged housewife woman, it’s that cool young hip chic that may bust out a poem at any moment, (double snaps). It also turns any outfit from homeless to hip. (no, I don’t live on the street, I’m just cool).

 They keep your head quite toasty-

I sleep in a beanie in the winter. You can be buck naked and have your beanie on and feel like a little biscuit in an oven.  It also works to keep your fro down, so you don’t look as though you’ve been attacked in your sleep.

They work as a boo boo blankie-

Now most of us don’t like to admit it, but we need a little comforting now and then.  When I’m feeling a little low,  I get instant relief  when I put on a beanie.  Beanies give my head just the little hug I need.  Awwww…head hugs are nifty and cozy. (also helps with headaches)

So many ways to wear them, so many cute styles. You gotta have at least one in the ‘ole closet.  Here are some of the beanies, I’m gonna rock this Fall.

Straight off the runway, this is a Jil Sander beanie with a veil, Hells yeah! Cost $400 but since I’m of sound mind,  I’m just gonna make one for $10.00 bucks. I bought a plain black beanie and ordered some french netting from Etsy. Click here to make one for yourself.

Rainbow brite beanie from Etsy

Gossip Girl Slouch Beanie Amazon

Cosmic beanie from Urban Outfitters

Floral Beanie Urban Outfitters

Ribbed Boyfriend beanie from ASOS

Trendy Stripe Beanie Amazon

Speaking of beanies, did you ever eat beanee weenee’s as a kid or eat them currently?  They are delightfully disgusting.



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