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Ever Wonder What Rhubarb Tastes Like?

16 Jul



Rhubarb pie, you know that pie your dear ‘ole Granny used to make. It ranks right on up there with jello molds, mincemeat pies and bread pudding, which most of this generation is certainly not in touch with.

So Rhubarb was last weeks” try something new” thing.  It’s from China, it’s a veggie not a fruit, it’s a pretty pink red color and it looks like big celery. It has an unidentifiable nasty little smell in its raw state and is packed out with vitamin C and dietary fiber (hence the other reason that the older folks sucked ‘um down)

So, I had the rhubarb in the fridge for about a week. Every time I opened the fridge it would stare at me. To tell ya the truth, for some reason I was afraid of this stick. What do I do with you my little stinky friend? So, yesterday while making dinner, I went for it! I didn’t have a pie crust, so I decided that I was gonna make a rhubarb crumble.

I nervously waited for the crumble to bake and when it was done I took it out and stuck my nose down for a smell. (I hope it tastes better cooked than it smelled raw) MMmmmm..smells like apple pie! I plopped some butter pecan ice cream on top of it and went to town.

It tasted like a tart apple pie with a little strangeness thrown in. I was like, “do I like this, I don’t know”!  Most people add other fruit to these pies and crumbles, such as strawberries and raspberries, probably to mask that weird flavor of the rhubarb.

I think I need to experiment with this stuff, cause it seems like one of those acquired tastes that you could possibly get addicted to once you get to know it. I dunno:)

I’m being a little dramatic about the strange taste, it’s just different, but I would say, give her a try!

Rhubarb is also lots of fun just to say. Say it three times fast, right now:)



Get Cosmic With The Galaxy Trend!

12 Jul

I am such a space nerd, so I love the whole Galaxy trend!

OMGosh!!! I love this dress.  Man, I am definitely gonna have to head to the thrift store for a ‘ole prom dress, so I can attempt to make something similar.

What’s cool about the galaxy trend is that you can hook yourself up with a celestial chic piece of clothing in a jiffy.  All you need is some dark-colored clothing: tees, tights, dresses, whatever you got lying around. You need a spray bottle filled with bleach, some acrylic or fabric paint and a couple of various little paint brushes. (toothbrush, stipple, thin paintbrush, makeup sponges)

Even if you’re not an artistic genius, your good to go on this cosmic DIY,  so just go crazy and have fun!

{Get inspired by these}

Get more inspiration here and here



Fresh Green Beans: What to do, what to do?

10 Jul

Yesterday, a nice lady brought me a big sack of fresh green beans that some nice man grew in his garden. So I am looking at these beans thinking….hmmmm..what to do, what to do?

Well, here’s what you can do if you have a big bowl of green beans just lying around;)

Green Beans with a little bacon grease, red pepper, garlic and onions from the Pioneer Woman

Green Bean Grill Cheese from the From Away blog.

Okay, Okay..this sandwich does not anything to do with green beans, but I had to mention it, Frito pie grilled cheese also from the same blog. My Lord! This looks dangerously unhealthy and delicious.

Unfried Green Beans from Weelicious

Green bean casserole pizza from Made Just right. It’s a vegan recipe, but you can just use regular ingredients in place of the soy milk and vegan bacon and what not. That’s what I’m gonna do:)

Well, the list of what you could do with some green beans is pretty much endless, but these are a couple of cool ideas to get ya started.

Enjoy your GB’s



Houseplants with Style

9 Jul

Lately, I have been craving some live plants for the house, so this weekend I adopted some houseplants with style! Check out my inspirations and results below:)

inspiration # 1 (fiddle leaf fig tree)

 Result=my new fiddle leaf…Lola

This trendy tree can be seen in all the hoighty toighty designer magazines and blogs these days! Why? Because Fiddle leaf fig trees are awesome lookin’ and make any space look cool and dramatic. Big huge beautiful leaves, slow-growing, but can get very tall and they are easy to take care of. These days I have been just dying to name something Lola and now I have, hope I don’t kill her.

Inspiration # 2 (succulent container garden)

Result = my new succulent garden..

I love the way succulents look, they have that mad scientist, terrarium, spooky look,  like they could come to life and take over your house look. I found this red rustic farm like container, drilled a hole for drainage and it turned out just as I had hoped.

I feel enlightened,  maybe it’s all the fresh oxygen..LOL



Fresh Friday: Metro Mint Spearmint Water and A Razor Cut

6 Jul

I’m keeping it fresh this Friday by drinking my favorite all time water, Metro Mint Spearmint water,  which I have tried to make myself by putting mint in a bottled water, it just ain’t the same though. Apparently, the good people at Metro Mint are sprinkling a little crack in theirs.

I’m also freshening up my do, with a little razor cut, what ya think? Except, I’m gonna keep my bangs longer. I love the piecy layers on the bottom.

stay fresh, yo….



Tadaa!!! Razor cut= Instant edge!

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