Pretty Yourself Up With These!

25 Jun

 Yay!!! We are no limited to Spongebob, Sesame street, or Barbie for our boo boos, ladies.  We can now pretty them up with these fancy dancy designer band aids.  What will they think of next,  perhaps some Coach maxi pads, Versace Q-tips or Stylish Piggy toothpaste…YES, can’t wait for that one.

My husband knows what time it is when it comes to fashion.  I got a package in the mail the other day and it was this cool Stussy Speaker Ballet Tee that he picked out for me.  Awwwwww…

I love the back of this shirt, it’s a mirror image of the front. Perfect for Summer:)

And lastly,  I have been prettying my nails up alot lately with this fabulous polish! The name says it all and makes me laugh out loud. This is “Uh-Oh roll down the window” by O.P.I. Its like a baby poop green or the color that you turn when you’ve had too many martini’s.

Super pretty!

Don’t forget to pretty yourself up sometime…



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