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Well Water DreadLocks… Get Rid of Them!

26 Jun


We have been living in our current house for about a year now and have a well.  When we first moved in my hair started coming out in handfuls and the hair that was left starting to turn into a serious case of dreadlocks. Don’t get me wrong, dreadlocks are cool, but I don’t happen to be in the Rastafarian mood at this moment.

After many hours, days and months of internet research,  I started trying every conditioner known to man and was just shy of sleeping with a bucket of Crisco on my head.  As a last resort, we called a water filtration company who came out and gave us an estimate for $5000.00 and that “MIGHT” fix our problem.  Needless to say, we did not go that route.

The next time I went to the store, I picked up a couple of jugs of distilled water and put them in my shower. With my next shower, I washed my hair and then did a final rinse with the shockingly cold ass distilled water. I got out of the shower and OMGosh…. could this be true….brushed my wet hair! It couldn’t be this easy could it, after 6 months of conditioning experiments and woe.  Well, it turns out that it was just that simple.

I now give my hair a little rinse with the distilled water after each wash and I am happy to be dreadlock free.

Now I don’t have to go out and buy a Rasta hat to keep my locks in and now you don’t have to either!

(although you would look smashin’ in one of those mon…lol)



Pretty Yourself Up With These!

25 Jun

 Yay!!! We are no limited to Spongebob, Sesame street, or Barbie for our boo boos, ladies.  We can now pretty them up with these fancy dancy designer band aids.  What will they think of next,  perhaps some Coach maxi pads, Versace Q-tips or Stylish Piggy toothpaste…YES, can’t wait for that one.

My husband knows what time it is when it comes to fashion.  I got a package in the mail the other day and it was this cool Stussy Speaker Ballet Tee that he picked out for me.  Awwwwww…

I love the back of this shirt, it’s a mirror image of the front. Perfect for Summer:)

And lastly,  I have been prettying my nails up alot lately with this fabulous polish! The name says it all and makes me laugh out loud. This is “Uh-Oh roll down the window” by O.P.I. Its like a baby poop green or the color that you turn when you’ve had too many martini’s.

Super pretty!

Don’t forget to pretty yourself up sometime…



Two Funky Summer Hairdos: Dip Dye and Bleach Bangs!

14 Jun

 It’s Summer…. why not put some funky in your hairdo!

#1 Dip Dye 

Check out my daughters dip dye job!

 Dip dying is in and I found that most people like to use SPLAT to do it.  We used the Pink Fetish kit. It comes with a bleach and a color. We skipped right over the bleach part and just put the dye straight on since her hair is already light.

I just put some dye in my (gloved) fingers and kinda pulled down on the tips, making sure it was well saturated and even. Don’t let this stuff touch anything that you don’t won’t permanently pink.  I left it on for about 20 minutes. Rinsed, shampooed…. instant cool!

The color turned out pretty and almost had a sparkly appearance.

(Warning: when you wash your hair use ole towels and be sure to dry the colored part before sittin’ on a couch or going to bed. The color rubs off a little when wet)

#2 Bleach Beach Bangs

I put a little beach in my bangs for the Summer!

My hair coloring journey started years back when a beauty salon chick (you know who you are) ruined my hair. I decided then and there if my hair is gettin’ ruined, I’m gonna be in control of it,  darn’it!

Now home bleaching can seem a little complicated and scary at first and requires a little research, some professional products and some trial and error.  YouTube chicks can serve as a great resource and somewhat of a guide for what you should and shouldn’t do.

Unfortunately, Bleach does do a little damage to your locks…the price you pay for beauty:)



You’re A Bumby….Just Not As Cool.

5 Jun

This is Jill and Gill Bumby. (not their real names)

A masked and mute hip duo traveling the party circuit with their typewriters giving brave patrons a “fair and honest appraisal of their appearance”.

 You wait in a line until it’s your turn, you stand there awkwardly while a disguised person looks you up and down and then starts typing like a mad person. I gotta tell ya, I just love, love, this.

It’s a prime example of someone taking something that already exists and tweaking it until it becomes creative money making genius.

We are all pretty much Bumby’s on a daily basis, aren’t we? Making our snap judgement of people with just a glance.  Although, in the Bumby’s case, they keep their poetic appraisals on a positive note and…they are completely fly.  Check The Bumby’s out in action.

Cool, good karma and a check…sign me up for a franchise.



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