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Summertime Lime: Drink It and Wear It!

30 May

I’m feeling rather Summery today.

In honor of the start of Summer, I made up a batch of this refreshing Mint Lemon-Limeade! So pretty:)

Not only am I drinking lime,  but I’m wearing it!

Picked up these little limeade Bongo shorts for $14.00 bucks at Kmart this last weekend,  while I was supposed to be shopping for beach towels.  I can’t help it, lime just draws me in like a fiend and it makes your legs look tan!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high

Your daddy’s rich and your ma is good lookin’

So hush, little baby, baby, don’t you cry…

Happy Summer:)



My Guacamole Bowl has Been Smokin’ Again!

25 May

 This is what happens when you don’t keep a guest ashtray around.

You end up with  smokes in your guac bowl!

Now you don’t have to wonder how my guac gets its superior smokey flavor. (lol)



Drink, Eat and Splurge: Memorial Day Menu

24 May

I personally like to use a holiday as a perfectly good excuse to eat slightly naughty foods and not feel that guilty. Well, what do you know,this weekend just happens to be a holiday. I’ll just HAVE to drink, eat and splurge just a little…

Drink:  Cool Blackberry Cocktail

It’s gonna be kinda hot this weekend, so I’m gonna stay cool as a cucumber with this blackberry cocktail.

EAT: Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

For all you veggie lovers out there, you can’t go wrong with this cheesy grilled veggie sandwich.

Goodness me, you could hook up a little au jus and some baked fries for this sammie and wowee, wow, wow!

Splurge:  Oatmeal Carmelita’s

 Gonna bust out some of these buttery, beautiful and addictive chocolate chip Oatmeal Carmelita’s! Okay, these might be considered a little more than slightly naughty.

Have a safe and delicious Holiday!



Whole Artichokes…Super Fun to Eat!!!! (seriously)

16 May



These days when I’m at the grocery store, I try to get at least one item that I have never tried before and a whole artichoke was this weeks item.

Man, I knew I liked artichokes, but I usually just eat them out of the can.

I didn’t even know how to cook the thing, so I shot on over to YouTube to get a couple of pointers.

I learned that you cut about an inch off the top and cut the stem off the bottom, rinse it and then boil it. I also learned the hard way, that they have sharp pointy things that hurt you very much on the top of the petals. If you don’t feel like shedding a little blood, you can cut those off with some scissors.

It takes about 25-45 minutes to cook. When mine was soft and spreading out. I knew it was done.

I took it out, drained it and sprinkled it with sea salt.

If your confused on what you can actually eat, you just peel off a petal and scrape your teeth from the middle down to the bottom and discard. You just keep on pluckin’ and scrapin’ those petals till you get down to the center. There you’ll find a hairy weirdee part that you have to scrape off with a spoon to get to the good stuff underneath which is the “heart”! romantic!

I’ll tell ya people, whole artichokes and canned artichokes are two different things entirely. Ones good and ones GREAT. I also found out that these whole artichoke hearts taste just like mashed potato. What a great guilt free substitute for tators, man!

If you’re on a calorie splurge you can dip your petals in a little butter or mayo.  (sounds dangerously good)

Erbody say” Hey…Hooo…”arti-choooke”!!!

Eating a whole artichoke is like having a fun little mini party with a gift at the end, or maybe I just like food “THAT” much..LOL!



Want Candy For Your Feet? Get Some Rock & Candy Boatie Shoes!!!

15 May

Check out these sweet and sassy little boatie shoes I got over the weekend from Rock & Candy!  These shoes are a perfect combo of  prepster meets hipster and make superb eye candy for your feet!

These shoes make me cool.



Curious About Moi?

9 May

They say “curiosity killed the cat”, well that’s a relief, it didn’t kill the pig, so I’m feeling pretty safe right now.

I really don’t know exactly why… but I have always been curious about other people and the lives they lead.

So, if you’re feeling curious today ….here’s a peek into mine.

My Toaster. I use this sucker daily to cook my little waffles and it puts Hello Kitty’s face on them. Awwwww…

My immortal hermit crab. I have this crab for so long, I’ve lost track of how old it is.

My personal heater. Apparently, I was born cold-blooded.

My guest bathroom, where i keep this creepy chick  behind the curtain year round to scare people. Don’t tell them, okay:)

“Bob” one of my favorite things. He hangs around in my dining room. Sometimes, I say “Hi” to him.

The Babies. I have a collection of old spooky dolls that my daughter hates. She is my favorite.

This is how I brush my teefy’s.

This is my ride, Audi Q7.  I love this car very much.

Beer of Choice: “The Chuck”

This is what I do for fun.

This is how I tell time. Tokyo Bay Cuff Watch, love this guy so much!

My husband thinks I’m beautiful.

Well, there it is in all its reality glory. Two minutes, you’ll never get back, but now you know a little somethin’.

Come on, tell me something about you!



The Itch has Been Scratched!

4 May

I had an itch to shop, so I went….

Flower dress from Ross $14.99

Thrifted necklace (Goodwill) $1.00

Bow sandals from Ross $12.99

Thrifted Silk Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Shirt (not my normal style, but love the classic vintage look) $3.50

Thrifted brand new Old Navy sequin and cream pleated dress $5.50

Thifted goldly shoes $3.50

Thrifted brand new Studio M teal and black velvet dress $5.50

Thrifted Black Wedge 3.50

Thrifted Industrial Cotton Jean Skirt and Leather and Turquoise Belt $5.00

Thrifted $3.50

Favorite Find! Thrifted Green Sparkly Vintage looking pumps, $13.50

You’d be surprised what you can find thrifting, I bought a brand new $54.00 pair of  burlap Toms from the Salvation Army for $5.00 a couple of weeks ago.  So fun! You just never know what your gonna find:)

Are you itching? 



Hunger Games Diet Week # 4: The End is Near….

3 May

Well, this next week will mark a month on the Hunger Games Diet and I have won the battle for now!  

 I’m going from the “Hunger” plan to the ” HELP” plan moving forward. HELP stands for Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan. The key to this little plan is….HAVE A PLAN!  Cause if I don’t have a plan,  I’m sure more likely to go gorge myself on whatever is convenient such as chocolate cakes, fast food, candy bars, slurpies, and doughnuts.  Planning is essential:)

However, I am sure that you people grow tired of looking at what I like to eat, so this will be my last meal plan post  (unless ya’ll have grown dependent on them, if so speak up).

You know what to do now: plan healthy, drink water, keep your portions in check, indulge… but don’t lick the plate. Simple:)

Didn’t reach your goal weight? Start over right here:  Week 1week 2week 3

Hunger Games Menu for 5/7/2012



Low fat whole wheat Eggo waffle W/ half banana (eat it like a taco)


1 cup rice

1 cup Edamame

Apple slices


Mexican Pizza

Flat out bread, thin layer FF re- fried beans, FF cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives, avocado slice and FF sour cream


Bedtime Snack:

Weight Watcher ice cream



1 cup Special K w/FF milk


Tuna Melt

Baked Chips

Sweet gherkins

Apple slices


BLT Salad

Romaine, cherry tomato, turkey bacon, spoonful mayo mixed with greek yogurt (dressing)

(2) microwaved  wonton wrappers




Low fat whole wheat Eggo Waffle W/ half banana (eat it like a taco)


Strawberry and spinach salad

Strawberry, spinach, pecans

Dressing balsamic vinegar and honey

(2) microwaved wonton wrappers


Baked Salmon cake

Mash potato


Bedtime Snack:

Weight Watchers ice cream



Special K w/FF milk


Turkey Bacon,  Bean Sprout and Tomato sandwich

Baked Chips


Handful apple slices


Spaghetti Tacos

Wheat spaghetti, wheat Taco Shell, Low calorie spag sauce, dab of cheese and onion on top

Boil your pasta, add some spag sauce, throw it in the shell, add a little onion and cheese




1 cup Special K / FF milk


100 calorie bar

Mini babybel




Restaurant of Choice

Order what you want, don’t lick the plate clean.

Bedtime Snack:

Weight Watchers ice cream

 Hope these plans have been helpful, tootles…



Please note: the Piggy is not a registered dietitian,  use this plan at your own risk. (Isn’t it silly that I have to say that)

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