Come Shower With Me!

16 Apr

 Thought you might wanna come shower with me today and see what products that the piggy is currently using.

My sideThis is my side…

Yay… for two shower heads cause I like to scald myself in the shower and my husband likes his shower..well.. Artic.

So us country folk use well water,  which reeks havoc on my hair making it comparable to a tumbleweed, TANGLED and DRY. I am basically on a monthly shampoo search to restore my hair back to its former self.

Last month, I was using Suave Keratin Infusion shampoo and conditioner.

My 2 cents:

It’s just okay~ it made my hair feel smoothy and straight, but weighs it down. Caution: if you want to curl your hair with an iron or curlers,  it ain’t happening’ while using this stuff. It keeps ya straight. Probably won’t be buying this again.

This month I am using Pantene Aqua Light!

My 2 cents:

I am seriously diggin’ this stuff. It’s silicone free,  so it lathers up and the shampoo rinses off completely leaving my hair feeling light, clean and bouncy and it smells delightful.  I already have a bunch of minerals in my hair from my well, I don’t need shampoo residue too!  Also, my tangly hair is not  quite as tangly. Thumbs up! Will continue using this for awhile to see what happens, but this is very exciting!

I also use It’s a 10  leave in conditioner, out of the shower.

This stuff is pretty pricey, but I a desperate woman when it come to my rats nest. So I brush a couple of squirts of this stuff and it works great without leaving my hair greasy. Yep, it’s a Miracle!

I also have my L’oreal Sublime Bronze mist fake bake which I spray on when I wanna get my tan on and my Are You Feeling Fruity bath gel, gojiberry and grape, OMGosh, this Scottish beauty soap smells like a dream.

His Side

This is my hubby’s side, with his Old Spice Fiji wash, his loofah and his lever. “Old Spice” is the “New” spice people. This stuff makes your hubby smell like a man and I like it.

and of course, my daughters toys…we have toys hiding in every corner of our house.

So there you have it, this is where we get clean and what we use to do it!

Also, it’s day one of my hunger games diet and I’m feeling hungry already, so I’m off to a good start, how bout you?



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