What’s More Fun Than a Flat Pancake?

2 Mar

 Answer: A round pancake

I  recently spotted these Pancake Pals in the frozen food section of Bi-lo,  the word “New” jumped off of the package. Pancakes in the shape of little balls, intriguing!

Why are humans obsessed with the shape of stuff?  Take some water, slap in it odd-shaped bottle and somehow it’s magically delicious and we all must have it…evil marketers.

My two cents:

These little pancake balls are inter-est-ing. They have the consistency of a hush puppy and taste like a cross between a funnel cake and a pancake. The taste is pretty good, but the consistency was a major turn off.

They may be more “visually” fun than a flat ‘ole pancake but this little piggy wouldn’t walk a mile for ‘um!

(p.s. the kid on the packaging kinda freaks me out, he looks as though he is in some sort of  brain washed daze and would rather be eating his fingers than these pancakes)



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